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Jim Stansbury - 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5


2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 Review

Finding the right car.

It can be a hassle looking for a good used car. You never know what you will get until you bring it home and drive it every day. One thing is for sure when you buy your used car at Hartland Automotive Sales, you are buying from the best group of used cars possible.

We take great pride in presenting the models that we have on our lot and showroom floor. That means you are getting a great used car like the 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 S. It is one of a kind that provides you with everything you need as you drive.

The Specs

The 2014 Altima 2.3 S comes with everything you need. Its 2.5 L engine gets roughly 31 mpg and can go about 486 miles in the city and just under 700 miles on the highway with its 18-gallon gas tank.

The motor is an inline 4-cylinder engine that is coupled with a continuously variable speed automatic transmission. It is not short of power, as this car gets 182 hp at 6,000 rpm and 180 lb-ft of torque at 4000 rpm.

The double overhead cam works well with the front wheel drive design, and you can seat 5 people inside this vehicle comfortably. Also, you get a large 15. 4 cubic feet of storage space and that is more than enough space for your groceries and other shopping items.

The turning circle measures about 36 feet and the curb weight comes in at just under 3200 pounds. There is no real tow rating for this vehicle.

The Colors

Nissan gave this car 8 exterior colors ranging from silver metallic to pearl white to storm blue metallic. But inside the vehicle, you only get a choice of 2 colors. The first will be beige and the second is charcoal.

Both colors are attractive, and the bucket seats should be made of cloth. Leather and vinyl are not options for this model of car.

The features

Like most modern cars what was once optional equipment on older vehicles is now standard on more recent models. Here are some of the standard features you get when you buy this car:

  • Cruise control

  • Keyless entry

  • Bluetooth connection

  • MP3 player

  • Steering wheel audio controls

  • Power mirrors

  • Air conditioning

  • Remote trunk release

  • Keyless start

Standard safety features include:

  • ABS braking system

  • Tire pressure monitor

  • Brake assist

  • Stability & Traction control

  • Driver & Passenger air bags

  • Front, rear head, and side air bags

  • Plus a 5-star crash rating

  • Emergency interior trunk release

Any other features that are in our models will have been put there by the previous owners who bought the car new. Don’t just stop at this list, come and see what our models have inside of them. You do not have to pay extra for them.

What people are saying

There are always going to be people who like what they bought or did not like what they bought. The key is to not let the negative reviews influence your decision. What happened to them may not happen to you as those issues may have already been fixed.

Starting with the positive reviews, one owner rented first and was so impressed that he sold his Acura to buy his own Altima. He felt the features were like Goldilocks and just right. He was also impressed with the ride and gas mileage he got.

Another positive review by another owner who liked the power this 2.5L engine provided him. He felt the pick-up was quite fast and while he was driving, he felt refreshed after a long drive.

That was due to the great bucket seats placed in this car. Handling for him was impressive as was the steering mechanism. What he did not like was the goose-neck hinges on the trunk.

One owner did not like the electric steering mechanism and he felt that the car pulled left and right too much. He had to do constant correction which distracted his driving somewhat.

Other negative reviews focused on the weaker transmission as it failed one owner before he hit the 50,000-mile mark. Other owners did not like the water leaks that are a part of this model.

Many owners complained of this problem especially when it happened at a car wash. Another negative review was about the road noise. The owners felt the interior was too noisy especially when it rains.

The Pros & Cons


  • Great gas mileage

  • Easy to handle and very comfortable to drive

  • Top crash test scores

  • Very quick and lots of power

  • Large trunk area

  • Seat 5 people

  • Very reliable

  • Holds its value


  • A lack of headroom

  • Lots of minor leaks through seals etc.

  • Mirrors and other locations made lots of noise.

  • Transmission may vibrate too much

The Bottom Line

When you view our supply of 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5 L S models, you will see the Hartland Automotive Sales difference. You get great prices that will fit your budget.

We try harder so that you get the best car for you and your family. Our salesmen are ready to work with you to make sure you can take this great mileage car home and save some money.

You get comfort as well as economy and these times demand that you get economy. Put a little money back in your wallet by driving this car from now on.

Some final words

When you need a new to your car, think of Hartland Automotive Sales. We are just like you and do not like the prices of fuel these days. We strive hard to bring you the best gas-saving vehicles possible.

The thing for you to do is to come right on down and see our selection of 2014 Nissan Altima 2.5L S models. Don’t delay as these gas-saving cars may be gone before you get here.

These models are all priced to sell and should fit your budget easily. See us today for great car deals.

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Jim Stansbury - 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve


2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve Review

The automotive market can be a tricky one to navigate, particularly if you are shopping for a new 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve. If you are looking for your next vehicle, there is a lot of research and comparison to be done. However, there is also the task of finding someone to give you the time of day in person. At Hartland Automotive sales company, we have made it our mission to make buying a 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve as easy as possible. Our team is friendly and eager to answer any questions that could present themselves before you even make inquiries.

16 Lincoln MKX Reserve features

-New 3.5-liter V6 with 385 horsepower and 375 lb.-ft. of torque

-Efficient fuel-saving EcoBoost V6 engine option

-Connected features including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration

-18" chrome wheels with summertime Goodyear Assurance tires

-Standard LED headlamps, fog lamps, and taillamps. The 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve is a great addition to the Lincoln line of SUVs. It provides customers with a spacious interior, standard seating for eight passengers, as well as a 360-degree surround view for its rear passengers. The MKX features a comfortable and quiet ride, as well as enough power to get you where you need to go.

Our company has been operating since April 2011. Our goal is to make acquiring transportation easier for everyone who is shopping for their next 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve. We take pride in the fact that we have kept our doors open through a number of difficult years where other companies have cut back or shut down entirely.

Enjoy Shopping With Us

We at Hartland Automotive Sales and Service are dedicated to making your next car purchase sober and enjoyable. Anyone who is interested in their inventory has the option of having a look at it by appointment.Our office is located in Elkhart, IN. However, we are more than willing to allow it to be determined on an individual basis if you want to examine the 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve yourself before setting up a meeting with them. We strive to make the experience as stress-free as possible by catering directly for the needs of the client. This means that we are always looking for customer feedback to provide even better service when it comes time to buy a new car.

2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve specification

-The 2016 Lincoln MKX features an automatic limited-slip differential with a 3.7L V6 engine that generates 6,650 pounds of maximum towing capacity and vehicles are rated at 17/23 mpg city/highway. The exterior uses body-color instrument panel, door handle and side mirror caps, roof rails and belt line molding.

-The interior features ventilated front seats for keeping the driver and passengers cool on hot days. The seats are heated and ventilated for cold days. There is also a 10-way power driver's seat with power thigh extender, height adjuster and adjustable lumbar support. The leather seats boast four-way power passenger seat, 6-way driver's split bench seat, two heated rear seats and a 60/40 fold flat rear seat.

-The 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve features an automatic limited-slip differential with an available 3.7L V6 engine that generates 6,650 pounds of maximum towing capacity and the vehicles are rated at 17/23 mpg city/highway. The exterior uses body-color instrument panel, door handle and side mirror caps, roof rails and belt line molding.

-The interior features ventilated front seats for keeping the driver and passengers cool on hot days. The seats are heated and ventilated for cold days. There is also a 10-way power driver's seat with power thigh extender, height adjuster and adjustable lumbar support. The leather seats boast four-way power passenger seat, 6-way driver's split bench seat, two heated rear seats and a 60/40 fold flat rear seat.

-Connected features such as Remote Start and Apple CarPlay integration are standard on the 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve. The vehicle also features a wireless smartphone box for connection to compatible smartphones.

Track Your Vehicle

If you are looking for a certain make and model or type of 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve, we will provide information about all of their inventory as well as allow you to get on an appointment to make your final choice. It is nice to know that we are willing to work with our clients and do our best to meet any criteria that may have been set before the actual purchase takes place.

We at Hartland Automotive Sales and Service, strives to offer the best car sales experience possible for anyone in the Elkhart, IN area who is looking to purchase a new set of wheels. We are proud of the fact that we were able to stick around during tough times for automotive dealers and businesses over the last few years, making sure that our clients are satisfied with them throughout it all.

Current Inventory

Our company has a list of vehicles that are in stock as well as their availability. You can find a complete inventory at our Hartland Automotive Sales and Service department. Our team is happy to help you expand or decrease your purchase if necessary. They will assist you during the entire process, either through the phone or in person.

Reviews can be a great way to learn about the process of dealing with a service or business. Before you decide to purchase from us, it is worth checking out our Facebook page as well as our website for reviews about both the company in general and our inventory specifically.

Enjoy Hiring Hartland Automotive Sales and Service

We likely to be a company that you will want to hire in the future. We are dedicated to delivering an experience that is professional and welcoming. Our team is well worth the time it takes for you to examine all the 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve vehicles that they have available for sale. You may feel as though you've found your new 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve vehicle when you step into our location, a great selection of cars that are sure to impress everyone who sees them. We believe it's worth taking your time by visiting our company. We hope that you find a vehicle that will be a perfect match for your driving needs. If you are looking to sell or lease a vehicle, then you should make an appointment with our business to guarantee that your vehicle will be well taken care of. We have an incredible selection of vehicles, and our team is willing to make sure that the process is as stress-free as possible for our clients.

Our company strives to make the experience of purchasing a new 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve as painless as possible. As such, we are willing to work directly with customers during any part of the process.We offer information regarding all of the 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve vehicles that we have in stock as well as services that we offer prior to purchasing a 2016 Lincoln MKX Reserve from us. We are located in Elkhart, Indiana. We are just a phone call away, as such, you can reach us any time of the day from Monday to Monday.

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Jim Stansbury - 2017 Hyundai Tucson


2017 Hyundai Tucson Review

Are you looking to sell or buy your car? Then, Hartland Automotive LLC is the place to be. Be sure to check out our diversified virtual inventory to get thoroughly broken-down information regarding each of our vehicles. In addition, we will provide you with a picture gallery as well as appropriate ways to contact us for more details about the vehicle. We are open Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturdays. If you have any queries, kindly reach out, and our committed and friendly customer service team will receive you and offer guidance on anything you might be unsure of.

With our used cars, you are guaranteed to get quality goods as a new car since we only sell used cars in mint condition. We value you, our esteemed customer, and are committed to giving you value for your money and keeping you coming back. You will enjoy the experience of buying a used car from us right from the friendly reception by our professional and welcoming customer service and staff to an excellent buying process that is stress-free and guarantees ease.

Additionally, our website is straightforward and user-friendly, and you can easily find your dream car even before getting to our lot. Our vehicles are available at very great prices, and you are free to choose any car from our rich inventory. We respect our customer’s space and decisions, and our sales are not pushy.

We also provide our undecided customers with valuable input regarding the kind of car that would work best for them based on their everyday needs, hints of preference, and of course, budget. So when you come to us, you don’t have to bother knowing everything about the car you want if you don’t favor having to memorize your dream car’s details. Come to us, tell us what you want, and we will give you precisely that because we are honest and value our customers because we know that their success is our success.

If we don’t have the car in stock right away, don’t worry, we will be more than willing to help you find it. We take pride in the quality used vehicles that we sell to our customers, our rich experience in the automotive sales industry, and our sincere dedication to the service of our customers. The number of repeat business that we receive makes us confident that we are equal to the task and can guarantee our customers excellent reception and customer service, a hassle-free sale process, quality used cars, customer satisfaction, and of course, value for your money! We will also give you a few tips regarding your new, used car to ensure that you understand and bond well with your vehicle. In addition, we will tell you when to service your car and guide you to our reliable automotive partners who will offer you quality services such as car wash and services onwards.

Our range of quality cars includes SUVs, pickup trucks, Jeep, and any type of car you might think of. We sell reputable and reliable brands to ensure that we give you a vehicle that will serve you for the longest time possible with the minimum issues possible. Our previously sold cars can speak for themselves because we nothing that is short of quality. We have your dream used car in a wide range of colors. One of the cars in our inventory and available for purchase whose review is below:

2017 Hyundai Tucson review

The 2017 Hyundai Tucson boasts a wide range of fascinating features that make it a practical choice to spare a thought for when you are purchasing an aggressive, well-equipped crossover SUV.

What are the new features of the 2017 Tucson?

The manufacturer has performed some requisite updates on the interior technological features, and they serve the 2017 Tucson so well. Otherwise, there are not so many changes to Tucson compared to several years.


1. The ride is exceptionally comfortable

The 2017 Tucson’s quality ride is one of its best things. Whether it is equipped with a standard or turbocharged engine, the car delivers a comfy, sporty ride and handles corners so well. In addition, courtesy of its compact size, this car is very easy to maneuver around, even in some of the tightest spaces.

2. First-class safety

As far as safety is concerned, the Hyundai Tucson 2017 is very unique. This car scored the highest possible marks in crash tests performed by the government. In addition, it earned five out of five for general crash protection as well as side and front protection.

3. Gives the turbocharged engine option

The 2017 Hyundai Tucson is available in four designs; Eco, the SE, Sport, and Limited. All these options allow you to switch to a Turbocharged engine without having a negative impact on your car’s fuel consumption.

4. Amazing features

To a great extent, this car offers a wide range of standard features. For example, the entry-level SE features heated mirrors, a 5-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, a six-speaker stereo system with USB function, a CD player, and an auxiliary audio jack.

5. Ample storage and cargo spaces

The 2017 Hyundai Tucson offers you plenty amounts of space for your cargo and overall storage. You enjoy 31 cubic feet of storage space behind the backseat and an additional 61.9 cubic feet when you fold down the backseat.

6. Quick acceleration

Different from the base model, the 2017 Hyundai Tucson offers you quick and responsive acceleration. For example, this car can accelerate from zero to 60 in only 7.9 seconds.

7. Hyundai Tucson 2017 is tech-savvy.

This car has fantastic tech features such as the BlueLink telematics suite, which is inclusive of emergency safety assistance as well as other services that you can access through a mobile app connection.


Indeed, buying or selling a car does not have to be a daunting task in the modern-day world. At Hartland Automotive sales, we are committed to making your car selling or buying process the easiest it can get. In case of any inquiries, reach out to us, and our customer service team will guide you accordingly. You can also visit us at our location. Thank you for choosing Hartland motors. All the best and good luck! Enjoy your car!

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Jim Stansbury - 2015 HONDA CR-V


2015 Honda CR-V Overview

2015 Honda CR-V is one of those cars that Honda builds, intending to make their customers happy. This is a car that you can use for your daily commute and still feel satisfied with its performance. Even though it is not the most powerful car on the market, the CR-V has just enough power to get you where you need to go without any problems.

The 2015 Honda CR-V is a comprehensive and well-rounded package that should appeal to many SUV shoppers. It's comfortable and spacious, with a versatile interior and a host of features that make it easy and enjoyable to live with daily. It's also one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs in its class, thanks to its standard 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission (CVT).

From the surface, the 2015 CR-V sports a new look that's sleeker and more stylish than its predecessor. Some features that give it an extra look are the front end features a bolder grille, while the rear end gets a sportier design with LED taillights. Overall, the CR-V looks more like a crossover than ever before.

From the inside, the story is no different. The 2015 CR-V features a spacious and well-designed cabin outfitted with high-quality materials. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, while the back seats offer ample legroom and headroom for adults. The CR-V also has a large cargo area that can be expanded by folding down the rear seats.

Under the hood, things get better. For a budget car that comes standard with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 185 horsepower and 163 pound-feet of torque, the 2015 Honda CR-V deserves some mention. The engine is paired with a CVT, and the front-wheel-drive is standard. All-wheel drive is available as an option.

Regarding fuel economy, the 2015 CR-V gets an EPA-estimated 26 mpg combined (23 city/31 highway) with front-wheel drive, which is excellent for the SUV class. All-wheel-drive models are slightly less efficient, getting an EPA-estimated 29 mpg combined (27 city/34 highway).

As you can tell, the 2015 Honda CR-V is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly crossover SUV. It's well-rounded and offers everything that most people would want in an SUV. The CR-V should be at the top of your list if you're looking for a reliable and affordable SUV.


2015 Honda CR-V performs better than some similar cars in its class. Why? One big reason is its engine. The 2015 CR-V is powered by a 185-horsepower, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 27 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway with front-wheel drive. When upgrading to All-Wheel Drive, fuel economy slightly decreases to 22 city/31 highway mpg(estimate).

The 2015 CR-V comes standard with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). This is a type of automatic transmission that doesn't use gears like traditional automatics. Instead, it uses two pulleys connected by a belt. One pulley is attached to the engine, and the other is connected to the wheels. The CVT can adjust the ratio between the two pulleys, depending on driving conditions, to provide the best possible performance and fuel economy.

The 2015 CR-V comes standard with front-wheel drive, but All-Wheel Drive is available as an option. All-Wheel Drive monitors traction conditions and sends power to the wheels that need it the most. This helps improve traction on slippery roads and can even help you avoid potential accidents.

The 2015 CR-V has a wide variety of standard and available features designed to make your life easier. One of these is the Eco Assist™ system, which allows you to see how efficiently you're driving and adjust your habits accordingly.


The 2015 CR-V has one of those 2015 car designs that are both understated and stylish. The front end features a bolder grille, while the rear end gets a sportier design with LED taillights. The overall look is one of refinement and sophistication. The one-touch moonroof brings out the CR-V's athletic side, while the roof-mounted antenna and remote entry system are all about convenience.

The body-colored power side mirrors with an expanded view driver's mirror help you keep an eye on things, while the fog lights and one-touch turn indicators make life a little easier. The 17" alloy wheels and all-season tires complete the picture of a capable and stylish SUV.

Comfort & Convenience

2015 Honda CR-V interior combines comfort with utility. The seats are comfortable, and there's plenty of room for five adults. The controls are logically laid out and easy to use. Standard features include air conditioning, power windows and locks, cruise control, Bluetooth Hands-free, and SMS text message function. The large cargo area can be expanded by folding down the rear seats.

The space in there is generous, and with the rear seats folded down, it can accommodate plenty of gear. The seats are comfortable, and there's plenty of room for five adults. The controls are logically laid out and easy to use. Standard features include air conditioning, power windows and locks, cruise control, Bluetooth Hands-free, and SMS text message function.

The 2015 Honda CR-V has a comfortable and roomy interior. The front seats are supportive, with plenty of room for adults in both the head- and legroom departments. The second row is just as comfortable, with two individual bucket seats that can slide forward and back to create more legroom for third-row passengers or cargo space.


The 2015 CR-V comes standard with several safety features. One is the Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with Traction Control6. This system monitors your wheels to make sure they're getting traction. If it senses slipping, it will automatically apply the brakes to individual wheels and adjust the engine power accordingly. This helps you maintain control of the vehicle, even on slippery roads.

The 2015 CR-V is also equipped with the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), which helps you maintain steering control during emergency braking situations. The Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) system automatically adjusts the brake force according to the weight of your vehicle so that you can stop sooner.

Where to Buy 2015 Honda CR-V

If you're looking for a 2015 Honda CR-V, your best bet is Hartland Automotive Sales. They have a wide selection of CR-Vs, and their sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Plus, they offer financing options to make your purchase more affordable. Their shop is located in Elkhart, Indiana. You can visit them today and test drive the CR-V of your dreams.


The 2015 Honda CR-V is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and capable SUV. It has a comfortable interior, cargo space, and a long list of standard safety features. If you think it's a match for your needs, Hartland Automotive Sales is the place to buy your CR-V, with financing options available to make your purchase more affordable.

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Jim Stansbury - 2014 Volvo XC90 3.2 AWD


2014 Volvo XC90 3.2 AWD Review

2014 Volvo XC90 3.2 AWD has an impressive, revised interior and fresh styling from the 2013 model year. XC90 is among the nice-looking and comfortable SUVs on the market. And it is still the favorite for most families that put prestige and safety on about the same level. Hartland Automotive sales have reviewed this vehicle for our readers and clients. Below is a comprehensive review of Volvo 2014 before making the purchasing decision.

Overall Overview

The noticeable upgraded features on Volvo 3.2 2014 include foglights, 18-inch allow wheels, rear privacy glass, a sunroof, leather upholstery, rear parking sensors, roof rails, dual-zone automatic weather control, driver memory settings, eight-way power seats, Bluetooth audio, and phone connectivity, satellite radio among others that we have discussed in the below guide.

Most interesting, this vehicle adds 19" wheels steering and spot-tuned suspension, interior and distinctive exterior, and sport steering wheel. We were impressed by how the climate package contains an interior air quality sensor and heated front seats.


2014 Volvo XC90 3.2 AWD has a standard safety feature. And this includes stability control, antilock brakes, full-length side curtain active airbags, front-seat side-impact airbags, handly child booster seat built, and anti-whiplash front seats.

These features are perfectly built in the center position of the car's second row. The rearview camera is also available along blind-spot warning system to warn the car in any blind spot via flashing the indicator lights in the cabin.


2014 Volvo XC90 comes with a 3.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine. This puts out 236 pound-feet and 240 horsepower of torque. And a six-speed automatic that is made with manual shift control is the only transmission provided. The front-wheel-drive of this vehicle is standard, while all-wheel drive is accessible.

This vehicle can go from 0 to 60 mph just in 8.7 seconds. The EPA fuel economy average is 19mpg combined ( 25 mpg highway/16mpg city) for the front-wheel-drive models along with 18 mpg combined ( 23mpg highway/16mpg city) for the all-wheel drive. This car powertrain feels smooth and lively with a strong engine and pulling power.

Quality and Comfort

XC90 comes with great comfort and quality ride. The car offers a quicker acceleration with better fuel economy. You will love how the car has the side to side motion and less patchiness compared to other crossovers. The cabin material is impressive with plenty of soft-touch material.


This car boasts a modern, stylish interior which looks sharp done in the available genuine wood trim and upgraded leather upholstery. The controls and gauges are user-friendly and well placed. Further, the optional navigation system comes with an outdated layout which is also hampered by the unintuitive controls at the back of the steering wheel.

The passenger and driver accommodations are comfortable and roomy. The interior also provided a decent amount of cargo capacity. Further, the available fold-flat front seat makes it possible for the passenger to carry extra-long items due to its liftgate being closed.


XC90 Volvo 3.2 comes with amazing floor mats and C-pillar emblems. And, 19-inch allow wheels along with leather upholstery, rear park assist, power glass sunroof, and third-row climate control. The integrated center booster cushion tends to add versatility to this car's second-row seat.

Besides, this eliminates the challenges linked with installing the separate kid seat. In addition, there is a fully-color coordinated exterior plus that comes with LED daytime running taillights and lights. The R-design features very sport-tuned steering and suspension for an enhanced driving character, leather seating surfaces, unique R-layout grille with an embossed R-design logo.


We found the XC90 ride very comfortable. It is easy to park and handles smoothly. The performance is top-notch that offers quicker acceleration for better fuel economy. In addition, the suspension is tuned to typically favor a nice and comfortable ride over the sharp handling. The firmer sport-tuned suspension comes with a standard R-design model, and this is a noticeable improvement in demeanor, especially when driving briskly around turns.

Overall features

Convenience and luxury features make this vehicle modern and classic. It comes with additional and new equipment and features compared to another Volvo's. Besides, this new technology made SUVs seemingly better. The car has standard daytime running lights, LED taillights, rain-sensing wipers, headlight washers, finishes, and new trims.

You will also love Bluetooth hands-free connectivity and satellite radio. A dual-monitor rear-seat entertainment system also remains available, and the optional navigation systems are made with real-time traffic along with a rear park-assist camera. Another interesting upgrade on this Volvo 2014 is heated rear and front seats and ventilated and massage front seats.


  • Engine type – gas

  • Drive type – front-wheel drive

  • Transmission – six-speed shiftable automatic

  • Cylinders – inline-six

  • Total seating – seven

  • Combined MPG- 19 MPG

  • MPG and Fuel

  • Combined MPG- 19

  • Fuel Type – regular unleaded

  • Fuel tank capacity – 21.1 gal

  • EPA mileage est- 16/25

  • Range in miles – 337.6/527.5mi

  • Drivetrain

    - Drive type – front-wheel drive

    - Transmission – six-speed shiftable automatic

  • Dimensions

    - Height – 76.2in

    - Length – 189.3in

    - Overall width – 76.2 in without mirrors

    - Rear track- 63.9 in

    - Wheel base – 112.6 in

    - Maximum cargo capacity -93.2cu.ft

    - Cargo capacity – 8.8 cu. ft

    - Gross weight – 6,080 lbs

    - Maximum payload – 1,413lbs

    - Curb weight- 4,667lbs

    - Maximum towing capacity – 4,960 lbs

    - Turning circle – 40.0ft

    - The angle of approach -28.0degree

    - Ground clearance -8.6in

    - The angle of departure is -25.0 degree

  • Drivetrain

    - Drive type – front-wheel drive

    - Transmission – six-speed shiftable automatic

  • Warranty

    - Rust – 12-year unlimited mi.

    - Basic – 4 years/50,000 mi

    - Drivetrain- 4 year/50,000mi

    - Roadside- 4year/unlimited mi.

  • Pros

    - Supportive front seats

    - Stylish and upscale interior

    - Excellent safety scores


  • Cons

    - Underwhelming performance

    - Missing some of the latest features and convenience

2014 Volvo XC90 3.2 AWD is a good car to purchase. This vehicle has great comfort, is stylish, smooth driving, and has a nice exterior & interior, among other features that we have discussed above. Our Hartland Automotive Sales experts made reviewed this upgraded machine for you. If you are interested in Volvo XC90 3.2, you can visit us in Elkhart, Indiana, for more information, including a free drive test.

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Jim Stansbury - 2015 Toyota RAV4



If you are a lover of Toyota cars, then you need to see the 2015 Toyota RAV4. Generally, new vehicles are great; however, some shoppers love owning the models with a trusted reputation. And Toyota RAV4 is not exceptional in this industry with its many dependable SUVs and cars like the 2015 RAV4.

It’s very interesting that consumer reports gave this car a perfect score when it comes to reliability. HTTPs:// I know you might need to know what is so special about the 2015 Toyota RAV4. Well, this is what our today's article covers. By the end, you will have understood this car in terms of its safety features, performance, Interior & exterior designs, wheels, and all other features.

Car Specifications

- Trim- LE FWD

- Engine – 4-CYL-2.5 liter

- Torque- 172@4,100

- Horsepower- 172@4,100

- Cylinders number- 4

Interior Dimensions

- Rear Headroom- 38.9

- Front-Headroom- 39.8

- Front Legroom-42.6

- Front shoulder room- 57.3

- Rear legroom- 37.2

The upgraded features

- Safety

The number one safety feature we noticed on the 2015 Toyota RAV4 was antilock disk brakes, stability control, and a rearview camera. Plus, it also comes with the best and standard driver knee airbag. The rearview camera is very standard right across the cardboard.

The optimal technology package provided blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warnings, and rear cross-traffic alerts. RAV4 2015 stopped right from 60mph in 128 feet when it came to brake testing. Other safety features on this car include traction control, front-seat side airbags, whiplash-reducing active front head restraints, and full-length tight side curtain airbags.

Regarding government crash testing, this car received four stars for overall protection. And this is with five starts on the side impact protection and four stars for the frontal protection. The vehicle also earned a score of "good” from the Highway safety crash exam. Its small-overlap frontal impact test and moderate-overlap make it a bit upgraded compared to others. In addition, it also earned a "good" score on the roof strength, side impact, and head seat restraints examination.


First, the 2015 Toyota RAV4 is powered by a 2.5 liter of a four-cylinder engine. This engine is meant to produce up to 176 horsepower along with 172 pound-feet of torque. Plus, it has a standard six-speed of automatic transmission alongside all RAV4 modern versions with all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive.

Besides, the Edmunds examination about all-wheel drive, this machine took up to 9.2 seconds to eventually hit 60mph. This is an average duration of a small crossover. The front drive of this car is EPA-rated right at 26 mpg combined 31highway/23 city.


This vehicle's interior layout has pronounced lines and angles, which form a modern-looking and streamlined dash. The materials and design are top-notch for the compact crossover class. We loved the adequate cupholder count feature.

Essentially, this car comes with Toyota Entune branding audio systems. And among these are Pandora streaming radio & traffic, Bing search engine, stock, and sports information. The touchscreen interface comes with simple-to-use menus.

The rear seat passenger is hampered comfortable while the seats offer a large amount of the recline adjustment. In addition, the cargo is amazing as it measures 38.4 cubic feet. It also opens to 73.3 cubes which are generous even when packing more staff.

There is also this payoff for the low-mounted rear seat. It comes with a low load –in the height and flat floor, these are great when it comes to minimizing the strain of loading the heavy items. Lastly, the height-adjustable and power-operated liftgate are convenient.


According to many users, the claim that the 2015 RAV4 engine is sufficiently fuel-efficient and adequate for different tasks. The six-speed transmission shifts smoothly when driving assertively. This car feels fine, comfortable, and handles well even when cruising down a highway.

The cabin remains quiet, and this is a good car option, especially for families with young kids who may sleep inside the car. Overall, when it comes to driving rating, this car is enjoyable and comfortable due to its sharper acceleration and responsive steering.

Therefore, if comfort is among your priority when looking for a car, you have it right back. The last yet interesting driving feature of this car is its available AWD system. This system is good when venturing off any beaten paths as it rapidly applies the power respectively for optimum traction, which gives it a perfect amount of off-road capability.


2015 Toyota RAV4 has two modes offered in XLE, LE, and limited models. The base–model LE includes windows, power locks, mirrors, cruise control, air conditioning, steering-wheel audio, tilt steering, and FM/CD/AM players. All of this is controlled via a 6.1" LCD touchscreen.

On the other hand, XLE tends to add a sunroof and automatic climate control. The limited adds softer leather material synthetic seats and leather-wrapped steering durable wheel. Overall, this Toyota has a modern technology package that you may not find in others like the 2013 and 2014 Toyota RAV4.

2015 Toyota RAV4 Overview

This car is amazing. Its exterior styling is excellent compared to other Toyota products. Without forgetting its aggressive front end alongside a less boxy side profile. These two features make this vehicle more modern and appealing compared to its previous model. The performance is mediocre as it has adequate power and quick shifts.

The handling features are decent with active less body roll via corners, especially in the all-wheel drive. Further, the six-speed automatic is perfectly geared to allow for economical highway cruising. You will love this vehicle's fuel economy; it is very fairly with the front-drive models to achieve 31/24 highway/city in XLE/LE trims.


- Roomy Interior for individuals and cargo

- Stylish exterior

- Good fuel economy

- Standard Bluetooth and a rearview camera

- Responsive six-speed automatic


- The back seat may feel flat to some people

- It does not come with a higher-output engine option

- Mismatched trims on the Limited Model

With a four out of five-reliability rating, this car makes a good average in the market. You can make it your favorite 2022 car. Since you may require more information about the 2015 Toyota RAV4 makes, visit our Hartland Automotive Sales. We are in Elkhart, Indiana. We also give our clients a free drive test to feel the car before they make a purchasing decision.

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Jim Stansbury - 2016 Dodge Challenger



When you want a muscle car?

Muscle cars are not a dinosaur or a vehicle in the past. You can get a modern version of the muscle car right here at Hartland Automotive sales in Elkhart, Ind. We have a wide variety of vehicles including the 2016 Dodge Challenger.

Just take a drive down and see for yourself how great a car this vehicle is. Then take one for a test drive and feel the power underneath you. Hartland Automotive Sales only deals in the best-used cars.

To convince you further, here are the specs and other important information that should convince you that this car is for you.

The Specs:

The specs will depend on which trim model you buy. There are 7 different trims including the Hellcat model. The following are just for one trim model:

  • This is a rear-wheel drive, gas-powered car that comes with an 8-speed transmission. It seats 5 people and gets roughly 28 mpg depending on how you drive the 3.6L 6-cylinder engine.

  • At its best, you can expect to get 305 HP at 6350 RPM and 268 lb-ft of torque at 4800 RPM. The fuel tank holds 18.5 gallons and you should get a range of 351.5/555.0 mi city/highway driving.

  • Unfortunately, this is not a car made for towing. This Challenger is rated to tow only 1000 pounds at best. Your cargo capacity is limited to 16.2 cubic feet and the curb weight reaches almost 4000 pounds.

Pros & Cons of the 2016 Challenger


  • Good sized trunk

  • Powerful engine options

  • 8-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission

  • A great ride on the highway

  • Lots of features are accessed through the touchscreen interface

  • Roomy interior

  • Classy exterior design


  • Hard to see out the back

  • Handling is overshadowed by large size

  • Slow to accelerate

  • Limited side view

  • Sun-visor brackets are intrusive

  • Optional moonroof eats up headroom

The Features

There are 11 color options for the exterior. The interior is not so lucky as you only get two to choose between. Other features include but not limited to:

  • Lots of head and leg room

  • 6-way power driver’s seat

  • 4-way manual passenger seats

  • The driver’s seat has adjustable lumbar support

  • The back seat has folding center armrest

  • AM/FM stereo with 6 speakers

  • USB and other connections

  • Heated mirrors

  • Hands-free entry

  • Power windows

  • Telescopic steering wheel, keyless entry & cruise control

  • Lots of instruments, for example, tach, compass, clock & trip computer

  • 7 different packages

The Safety features

This list is not limited to what is placed here. There are more safety features to make sure you have peace of mind when riding inside this car.

  • Post-collision safety system

  • Dual front side-mounted air bags

  • Stability control

  • Traction control

  • Child seat anchors

  • 4-wheel ABS

  • A brake drying system

  • Tire pressure monitoring

  • 2 front and rear headrests

  • Remote anti-theft alarm system

  • And much more

This car is loaded with safety and other features making it a complete car that you can enjoy any day of the week.

What other people are saying about this car.

There are a lot of reviews out on the internet today. This car has received almost 5-stars, coming in at 4.8. That tells you how well this vehicle is received.

What they like--

One owner loved the strong 6-speed gear box and the torque that is built into the engine. It gave him the power he needed to meet all driving challenges.

Another owner could not get over the spacious interior as well as how well it looks on the outside. They felt that this car was a good Sunday go to church vehicle as well as a good daily driving car. Plus, it was ab absolute joy to ride in.

A third owner preferred the muscle car look and power. Plus, it was a smooth-riding car that was perfect for two people out for a nice long drive in the countryside.

Finally, one owner liked the heated seats and steering wheel. No cold morning surprises from a cold steering wheel or when you sit down in the car. This owner gave it 5 stars in every category. They fell in love with it and are quite satisfied with their purchase.

What they didn’t like-

One owner was not happy with the size and weight of the car. They thought it was too big and heavy to be a true muscle car or compete with the Mustang or Camero.

Another owner felt that the car was not put together very well. After only 37,000 miles some interior parts started to come apart. He also did not like how the paint was thinly coated. He gave it 3-stars for safety, value, and reliability but 4-stars for technology and performance

A third owner complained about the rust that he found in different places. This is to be expected when you are buying a 7 to 8-year-old car. He said he checked other cars and dealers and the rust was in the same places.

Finally, another owner did not like the exterior styling but liked the way the car drove. He did not think the car was worth the money he paid for it but he said it was one of the best cars he drove. His final rating was 4 out of 5 stars.

There will be no way this car can please everyone but it is a great vehicle. The 4 to 5-star reviews beat the 1 to 3-star reviews 95% to 5%. That tells you how great a car the 2016 Dodge Challenger is.

Some final words

To see this car in person and take it for a test drive, all you have to do is visit our showroom. We have different models ready for you to take home. Plus our salesmen are ready to answer all your questions.

Just come down to our lot, Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana before all our available models is gone. Do not delay as the 2016 Dodge Challengers sell fast and you may miss your chance at owning a great modern muscle car.

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Jim Stansbury - 2016 Ford Fusion SE



2016 Ford Fusion SE comes with substantial improvements over the 2014 and 2013 models. From fog lights, redesigned centre stack, and rear spoiler to ebony black wheels are some of the new features you will love. With its reasonable price, you may like this vehicle.

However, it would help if you understand what it can offer in terms of safety, performance, interior design etc., before purchasing. No worry! Our Hartland Automotive Sales experts have reviewed every part of this vehicle for you. Without much said, consider going through our below Quick guide about the 2016 Ford Fusion SE.

Top Upgraded Features

- Super-efficient 1.5 litter EcoBoost Motor

This feature helps someone have possible fuel savings. And when fitted right with a tremendous stop-start engine system, this four-cylinder averages to37mpg on the freeway and 25 mpg in the city. In addition, the turbocharged engine keeps your ride safe and exciting via pumping out a 181 horsepower.

- All-wheel drive

The car has a 2.0 litre EcoBoost Engine. In this case, Intelligent AWD systems tend to allow Sedan to be safe and churning even in bad weather. The multiple sensors aid the AWD system on this vehicle in detecting the absence of grip.

- Appearance Package

This car is rated as a beautiful one. It's more sporty with a stylish appearance 2016 package. An 18-inch wheel along with a spoiler bolsters this vehicle's look. In addition, the fog lights give its front end a refined appearance.

- Impressive handling

A driver can comfortably look forward to poised performance when driving with this car. Also, the beefy stabilizer bar holds this vehicle to remain graceful and top tier even on curvy roads. And Titanium model improves handling due to its sports-tuned suspension. The passengers are also considered, and they will have a comfortable ride.

- Strong Base Engine

This vehicle can never feel weak, with a total output of 175 pound-ft torque and 175 horsepower.

Comprehensive Review


This vehicle is made with turbocharged four-cylinder engines. And this brings a responsive acceleration with reasonable fuel economy. Ford Fusion comes with a 178-horsepower base-level engine in fusion and a 2.4-litre inline-four. With 6-speed automation, it really does well.

The 2016 wheel drive of Ford fusion is expanded with the option of adding summer performance rubber. Fusion drives light and with well-tuned steering yet absorbent feel. You will love how it corners comfortably, flatly ensuring a quality ride. Further, this car is composed and firm with rear multi-link and front struts suspension.


Ford Fusion 2016 got top tier ratings from safety agencies. The lane-keeping system nudges the vehicle gently back right on track, especially when the forward-facing camera senses it has crossed the lane divider.

The blind spot information enables the driver to switch lanes on the highway. You will love the automatic high beams, cross-traffic alert and rain-sensing wipers. Also, it has innovative drowsiness detection and an adaptive cruise control system.

The other safety package includes blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning that comes with lane-keeping assist along with driver monitoring. In addition, there is a forward collision warning and adaptive cruise control system. This system warns the driver of any potential collision to ready car brakes to offer full responsiveness.


This model is graceful and sporty with a focused, neat cabin design. Amazingly, the 2016 ford Fusion remains among the most attractive models in the mid-size sedans. The arched roofline is a bit like that of the Audi A7 from rear angles. Inside, it's functional and sleek, and the center and front Ford accommodates the new Sync screen.

There is an impressive LCD screen for SYNC displays and radio, flanked by a battalion of easy-to-use hard buttons. In addition, we also loved the rich, reddish leather seats & door panels, upgraded 18-inch wheel and premium floor mats. Overall, this fusion gets its new appearance package right with black wheels, a rear spoiler and front fog lamps.

Comfort and quality

In essence, the sexy roofline leaves room for the tall passengers. This car is more spacious with a curvaceous exterior appearance. The car has nearly 192 inches in length and has a 112.2-inch wheelbase. Both manual and power seats are comfortable, while tall doors mate the exit and entry easy.

With the exception of a scratch-prone piano trim, the materials and panels of this car feel well-chosen and well fitted. Plus, the base cloth upholstery is comfortable and relieved with a leather option. And every door closes and opens with a satisfying vibration-free thump.

Fuel Economy

The ultra-efficient hybrid in Ford Fusion and plug energy models makes this car's fuel efficiency the biggest priority. The car earns ratings of 34 mpg highway, 22 mpg city and 26 mpg combined based on EPA. Further, the car is paired right with a five-speed automatic and a 2.5-litre inline-four base powerplant.


2016 Ford Fusion offers exceptionally and well-equipped with modern features. The CD system comes with cloth seats, auxiliary jack, alloy wheels (16-inch), rearview camera, telescoping steering, cruise control, capless fuel filler and steering best wheel controls for phone and audio.

Plus, the vehicle has standard satellite radio, a six-way driver seat, two more speakers and 17-inch wheels. Amazingly, someone can option a new 1.5 litre EcoBoost or turbocharged inline -4. The interesting thing is that someone can add a performance package with the summer-only tires.


- Upscale cabin

- Athletic handling

- Power engine options

- Agile handling

- Comfortable ride

- Available AWD and choice of five engines


- Modest power right from base engine

- A little bit of poor fuel economy


Ford Fusion SE 2016 offers a certified warranty of seven decades right from the original purchase date/100,000 miles. The car also offers a 12,000/one-year warranty limited warranty. Additional benefits like car towing, history reports and roadside assistance might be available.

Final verdict

2016 Ford Fusion SE strong, available engine and athletic handling give this its high performance. The Ford MyKey system is the best feature for parents. This is because it allows someone to set audio volume limits and vehicle speed, meaning you can easily monitor your teen's driving habits.

The great features on this vehicle are endless, and we have just reviewed the top and modern ones. for more information about Ford Fusion SE, Visit Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana.

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Jim Stansbury - 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus


2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus REVEIW

The Dodge Challenger 2015 SXT Plus is not only a great car but also among the top American muscle cars. For any buyer interested in owning a high-performance muscle vehicle in 2015. This model stands out as a good candidate.

The interior and exterior design have updated this car overall. There are significant changes that will make this car worth purchasing. Without much said, our Hartland Automotive Salesman did inspect this vehicle for you. Consider going through the below guide to learn more about Dodge challenger 2015 SXT Plus.

What’s new on Dodge challenger SXT plus (top features)

- Upgraded Premium Interior

2015 has redesigned its interior. The interior combines a modern and classic appearance with impressive material and conveniences.

- New Trim packages

This model features a 392 Hemi engine that puts put a 485 horsepower. These new trims are designed to deliver far outperform and on power base model.

- Muscle car looks

You will love how this model looks respectable muscle. From front merge and strong exterior lines together creates an impressive look that will draw people's eyes when it is on the road.

- Excellent safety features

Safety features on this SXT plus challenger provided good protection in any event of a crash or any other accident. It comes with large crumple zone areas to absorb shock, airbags in the cabin and a robust build framing system. This ensures the passengers and driver are safe.

- Flexible price range

This base model comes with a fair price to the average buyer.

- Several additional packages

This car offers additional interior and exterior packages. Some available packages that we loved include the outer sport best appearance pack, leather interior pack and cold weather pack.

- Good warranty coverage

You will receive five decades or 100,000 miles right on the powertrain along with three decades or 36,000 active full warranty. Any dodge challenger SXT plus buyer can be assured that it is covered in the defect event.

- Comfortable Seats

The seats of dodge challenger have plenty of padding and offer good back support to keep the passengers comfortable on short or long trips. Besides, the seats come in various materials and colors based on the buyer's preferences.

Expert deep Review

- Performance

SXT plus is powered by a V6 engine of 3.6 liters. This engine can produce 268 lb/ft of torque and 306 hp and with eight-speed automatic transmissions. Besides, the SXT engine has ample power due to its v6 engine for different driving situations, including highways, up steep hills or around town.

The EPA fuel economy of this vehicle estimates averages at 23 mpg combined highway 30/ 19 city. SXT plus is still equipped with modern electric power steering, rear stabilizer bar and engine cooling system. In addition, the car is equipped with a rear–view monitor and electronic stability control blind for maneuvering, a tire pressure gauge and active parking supports.

- The Interior

The configurable central and impressive dash display, along with the canted center console, has really refreshed this model. The car comes with a well-contoured, small-diameter steering wheel. And this makes the vehicle a comfortable interface between the driver and the car.

The overall materials are great, with handsome metallic accents dash features. We noticed another improvement: super 8.4 inches, large and multifunction touchscreen. The car also features big enough virtual buttons, quick responses, and an intuitive design.

As we stated earlier, the front seats are flat and wide, even for long-distance drives. These seats are side bolstering, simulated suede and covered in leather. The Amazing backseat is large to hold two adults alongside decent legroom & good headroom.

In addition, the 2015 dodge challenger SXT plus features a split-folding back, middle seat and a fold-down armrest for good-natured or tiny folks. Let also mention a generously sized truck at 16.2 cubic ft to hold your goodies.

- Exterior styling

This machine has a retro exterior that comes with all modern accents. Among the top exterior elements, includes protruding bonnet and a front radiator. LED halogen headlights, led taillights, and frosted chrome frilled with an integrated camera tend to give this vehicle a modern touch.

- Safety

Among the improved features of safety on this car includes traction control, antilock disc brakes, and stability control. Also, there are active front side airbags, front head restraints and side curtain airbags.

A Rearview camera, rear cross-traffic alerts, rear parking sensors, and blind-spot monitoring are also available. The forward collision warning and added functionality of an 8.4-inch touchscreen with remote vehicle access is also a helpful safety feature.

- Drive

Among the top signature traits of the 2015 Dodge challenger is excellent ride quality. You can take a coup of long drive road trips comfortably and feel like even you did not leave your comfortable sofa. The higher-performance versions provided a responsive, crisp, and confident drive, especially on the curvy roads. Also, there is a default suspension tuning which is floaty for safe and comfortable driving.

- Configuration and equipment

Dodge challenger has four versions, including fully, summer, standard and driver. Besides, the equipment features a great series of pluses, including a steering wheel, Goodyear tires, Nappa seats, steering wheel shift levers, adaptive cruise control, remote starter system, and performance steering wheel.

Overall overview

- Engine Size and type

DOHC, 3.6 liters, 24 valve Pentastar v6 with multiport, sequential, electronic return less economist fuel injection

- Horsepower

306@6,350 rpm

- Transmission

TorqueFlite (eight-speed automatic)

- Torque ft/lbs


- Drive Train

Rear-wheel drive, Longitudinally mounted front engine

- Brakes

Vented front (power-assisted four-wheel discs

- Tires

Firestone Firehawk GTV 45 R20/P245

- Wheelbase

116.2 inches

- Fuel capacity

18.5 gallons


- Huge truck

- A quite supple ride

- Roomy

- Great reliability rating

- Intuitive infotainment system

- Rear-seat space and above-average cargo

- Powerful engine lineup


- Poor rearward visibility

- Few safety features

Out of five Rating breakdown

Interior design – 4.8

Exterior styling – 4.9

Comfort – 4.8

Performance – 4.8

Value of money- 4.7

Reliability – 4.7

Almost every feature of the 2015 Dodge challenger SXT plus is targeted to give your best driving experience and safety. The new interior is inviting and warm, driver-focused, and performance-oriented.

Aside from the above-upgraded changes, dodge challenger also added eight-speed automatic transmission to improve car performance. With this full Review of the 2015 Dodge Challenger, you might be interested in buying it. Visit Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana, for more information and a free test drive.

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Jim Stansbury - 2016 Nissan Sentra SV



2016 Nissan Sentra SV has recently evolved into a compact vehicle for the customers who value amenities, features, design, and even car styling. Depending on your choice, Nissan Sentra SV might impress you. But, it would help you first go through the below review to understand this car's make and performance.

Our car Hartland Automotive Sales experts tested and reviewed this car based on performance, interior& exterior design, safety, features, and specs, among any other necessary information you might need to know about this car. Overall, the below guide will help you make a worthy purchasing decision.

Nissan Sentra

1. Safety

To safety features

- Stability control

- Dual front side-mounted active airbags

- Rear and front head airbags

- Passenger airbag occupant

- 4-wheel ABS

- Child seat anchors

- Rear door kids' safety locks

- Ventilated drum brakes and disc

- Engine immobilizer

- Two rear headrests

- Remote anti-theft active alarm system

- Rear height adjustable, active headrest

- Two front headrest

- Tire pressure monitoring

- Auto delay off active headlamps

- Dusk sensing headlamps

- Emergency braking assist

Above all, the first safety features on this Nissan Sentra are antilock brakes, tire-pressure monitoring, full-length active curtain airbags, stability control, front head restraints, and front-seat active side airbags. Further, it has a tire alert system and rearview camera, which uses visual and audible signals; these aids someone achieve the right pressure adding the air.

In addition, it has inexpensive rear drum brakes from 60mph in 118 f. In the government car crash test, our machine was given four stars (five stars for the side impact protection and four stars for the frontal impact protection).

Essentially, Insurance Institute, which is responsible for highway safety, awarded Sentra 2016 best-raring "good ."Overall, this rating was in its small-overlap and moderate-overlap frontal-offset impact exams. About roof strength, side-impact, head restraint, and seat tests, Sentra earned "good."

2. Performance and mpg

Fuel and MPG features

- Ranges in miles (hwy/city)– 381.8/501.6mi

- Fuel Type – regular unleaded

- Fuel tank capacity – 13.2 gal

- Combined MPG- 32 MPG

- EPA mileage est ( hwy/city) 29/38 mpg

Like any other Nissan Sentra, 2016 has a 1.8-capacity four-cylinder engine ranked at 128 pound-feet and 130 hp of torque. The EPA estimates that this model can achieve 30 mpg combined ( 36 highway/27 city).

This means its fuel economy range up to 32mpg combined highway and city. A CVT ( continuously variable automatic transmission) is accessible right at the standard and base trim in both trims. In addition, this Sentra tends to produce less horsepower compared to other compact vehicles.

3. Interior


- Carpeted floor mats

- Sill plate protector

- Hide-a-way durable net

- Illuminated kick plates

- Air filtration

- Rear and front door pockets

- Rear and front cupholders

- Rearview camera

- Keyless ignition

- Cruise and audio controls on the steering wheel

Both of Sentra's rear and front sears are class-leading when talking about space. The rear accommodations are spacious, and the cabin gives a great impression of a decently made interior. This car comes with a smartphone–app–modern integration through a NissanConnect, and this allows the driver to google various searches using a 5.8-inch touchscreen interface.

Further, without navigation, someone will still stream the internet radio ( iHeartRadio or Pandora) and monitor social media and messages. Without forgetting to mention a huge luggage capacity, this measures 15.1 cubic ft in this car.

4. Drive

Tires and wheels features for safe driving

- All-season tires

- Steel wheels

- 15 times 6.5 in strong wheels

- Temporary spare tire

- Inside mounted ready to use spare tire

- Front-wheel drive

This vehicle is powered by a 130-horsepower-four cylinder engine. Therefore, the base model is a standard & good six-speed manual transmission. Handling turns, even the sharp ones is respectable and easy with this vehicle, as it is made with reassuring and responsive steering. In addition, the brakes are adequate to offer the drive enough stopping power, and also, we cannot leave an intuitive pedal feel, which is quite powerful.

2016 Nissan Sentra SV Features and specs

  • Drive Type- Front-wheel

  • Engine Type- Gas

  • Cylinders- Inline 4

  • Transmission – (CV) continuously variable-speed automatic

  • Total seating- 5

  • Combined MPG- 32

  • Basic warranty – 36,000mi/ 3 year

  • Towing and Hauling

  • Max payload capacity – 946 lbs


- It comes with a rear and front stabilizer bar

- And front independent suspension


- Overall width in absence of mirrors- 69.3 in

- Length- 182-1 in

- Wheelbase- 106.3in

- Height- 58.9in

- EPA Interior volume- 111.0 cu.ft

- Gross weight- 3,823 lbs

- Curb weight- 2,877lbs

- Maximum payload- 946lbs

- Ground clearance- 6.4in

- Turning circle- 34.8ft

- Cargo capacity when seats are in place0 15.1cu.feet.

Rear Seat Dimensions

- Rear legroom – 37.4

- Rear headroom- 36.7in

- Rear hip room- 50.1 in

- Rear shoulder room- 53.9in

- It comes with a folding center armrest

- And folding the center armrest

In-car entertainment (what inside)

- Six total speakers

- USB connection

- FM/AM stereo

- Satellite radio

- USB with active external media control and Auxiliary audio input

- Speed sensitive active volume control

- Three months of satellite radio service provided

Comfort and convenience

- Cruise control

- Alarm

- Steering wheel controls

- Fog lamps

- Back-up camera

- Trip computer

- Adjusting steering wheel

- Power steering

- Passenger vanity mirror

- Driver vanity mirror

- Heated mirrors

- Intermittent wipers

- Leather-wrapped steering wheel

- Auto-off headlights

Heat and cooling



- Drivetrain- 5 decade/ unlimited mi

- Basic – three years/ 36000

- Roadside- Three years/36,000mi

- Rust- 5years/ unlimited mi


- Spacious

- Roomy, quiet interior

- Good fuel economy

- Easy-to-use, modern tech interface with infotainment features


- Small touch screen

- Slow acceleration

I have heard of many cases of people having regrets after their car purchase. And number one reason is, purchasing a vehicle without deep reviewing its performance, and design, among other top features that a good car should have for your safety and enjoyment.

In the above guide, I have made everything easier for people with an interest in purchasing the 2016 Nissan Sentra SV. Also, for more information, we have our offices 24/7 open in Elkhart, Indiana. Visit us anytime to at least have our real drive test before you purchase this car.

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Jim Stansbury - 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus



If you are looking for a comfortable and impressive look of an appropriate modern muscle, this article is for you. 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT is among the best options in the design, performance, wheels, safety, and any other great features you need in a decent car.

Our review includes evaluations from different professional sources and combined then right with concrete data such as safety scores, reliability ratings, fuel economy estimates to typically make a comprehensive and honest buying decision for you. I also had an opportunity to drive this car for some miles on the road and research it: Below this an overview of this machine.

Exterior dimensions measurements

- Height – 57.5 in

- Length- 197.9in

- Front width- 63.4 in

- Max Width- 75-7 in

- Rear width- 63.8 in

- Ground clearance- 5.2 in

- Wheelbase-116.2 in

Interior Space measurements

- Front seat leg room- 42 in

- Seating capacity -5 seater

- Front seat headroom- 39.3 in

- Front seat hip room- 55.3 in

- Front seat headroom- 33.1 in

- Front seat leg room- 33.1in

- Rear seat hip room- 47.8 in

Cargo space

- Truck volume – 16.3 feet3

Weight & Towing

- 3,834 lbs

Overview Review

- Safety

Safety best features

- Back-up camera


- Blind sport monitor

- Rear-parking aid

- Cross-traffic alert

- Brake assist

- Traction control

- Tire pressure monitor

2015 Dodge challenger SXT comes with front head restraints, antilock disc brakes, front side airbags, stability & traction control, and side curtain airbags. The rear parking sensors, rear cross-active traffic alerts, blind-spot monitoring, rearview camera, and forward-collision warning are available.

And an added 8 Inch functionality Uconnect touchscreen comes with emergency assistance, remote vehicle access, and stolen vehicle locating. The insurance institute gave this machine a top safety rating due to its side-impact and front-impact crash test. The government crash testing also gave the 2015 challenger five stars for its overall crash protection.

The IIHS gave it the second-best score when it comes to head restraint strength and roof strength test. Talking of safety airbags, this comes with all necessary airbags from driver airbags, front head, front side, passenger, and rear head airbags.

- Interior

Interior best features

- Bucket seats

- Moon/sunroof

- Leather steering wheel

- Leather seats

- Cooled fronts seats

- Climate control

- Heated front seats

- A/C

- Keyless start

- Telematics

- Remote engines start etc.

A driver-centric theme stylish cabin is an evident on how this machine looks. A well-contoured best steering wheel small diameter makes a pleasant interface right between the driver and the car. The material quality is top-notch, while the dash features beautiful metallic accents. The multifunction touchscreen of 8.4 inches is another helpful improvement on 2015 Dodge challenger.

Its features big virtual buttons a quick response overall; it has an intuitive layout where even a five-inch display works well. The sports seats of this machine come with excellent side bolstering and are fully covered with simulated suede and leather. Talking of back seats, they are roomy for two men or women with decent legroom and good headroom.

The car also features a 60/40 split-folding flexible back and fold-down armrest. And the middle seat is included for exceptional or tiny good-natured folks. In addition, the trunk is generously sized, 16.2 cubic ft meaning the machine has a large hauling capacity which is positively enormous. There are parking sensors and a rearview camera which will help you when maneuvering in a strange parking spot.

- Performance and MPG


- Torque- 268lb-ft at 4800 pm

- Engine 3.6L v6 gas

- Transmission - eight-speed automatic

- Horsepower- 305hp at 6350 pm

- Drivetrain- best rear-wheel drive

This machine is powered by V6engine 3.6 liter that produces 268 lb-ft torque and 305 hp. An eight-speed transmission is standard, and fuel economy stands at 23 mpg combined. On the highway, the fuel economy with this machine ranges from 30MPG and 19 mpg in the city.

The new 2015 challenger has a V8 engine of 5.7 liters and a standard-six speed of manual transmission, which harnesses 375 hp alongside 410 lb-ft. The good news is that archaic five-speed is replaced by eight-speed automatic on this machine. And the switch-out pumps active fuel economy from18/27 mpg highway/city to 19/30 mpg which is better. The seamless shifting and gearbox’s smooth makes the challenger 2015 slightly faster.

- Driving

Best driving features

- Goodyear Brand Tires

- Adaptive speed control

- Anti-lock wheel disc with HD brakes

- Performance steering

This car has excellent ride quality ever. It's entirely comfortable even when traveling for long distances. This car default suspension tuning is floaty to provide you with crisp, higher-performance versions, confident and responsive drive even on curvy roads. The car sheer bulk is also amazing, most probably when driving on narrow roads.

- Color

There is plenty variety of colors to choose from. You can go for bright white clearcoat, B5 amazing blue pearl coat, Azz blue pearl coat, Billet silver metallic yet clearcoat, Pitch black clearcoat, Torred clearcoat, among others. Optional exterior colors include redline red best tricoated pearl and Ivory white impressive tri-coat pearl.


- Huge truck

- Strong V8 engine, topped with new 707 –hp best Hellcat

- Room for four males and female adults

- Quit, safe and supple ride


Beefy size dills acceleration and handling

Warranty summary

- Corrosion- 5 decades unlimited miles

- Basic – 3 decades 30 miles

- Drivetrain- 5 decades 100,000 miles

- Roadside assistance – 5 decades 100,000 miles

Final thoughts

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus is the real deal when it comes to getting a high-performance car with impressive features. With large truck and seating for five, this car provides more practically. Besides, a comfortable ride and thunderous engine lineup earned this 2015 challenger plus high marks.

When a making a decision of whether to buy a car or which car you should purchase, supportive guide is very important. And that why we have provided you with above detailed reveiw to understand this machine in deep. With all fine features and essentialls of this car that we have covered, the benefits of this car are endless. Visit us to come and have a dive test to check the machine by yourself. For more information, our offices are located in Elkhart, Indiana.

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Jim Stansbury - 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 5M Review


The Mitsubishi 2019 Mirage ES 5M has a length of 12 feet,5 inches to 14 feet, and 2 inches. Its curb weight is 2,018 to 2,194 pounds, and its gross vehicle weight rating: is 2,910 to 3,108 pounds.

The 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 5M is small from the outside but is not. Regardless of the size, it still manages to have five seats. The car comes with standard equipment such as a 7- inch touch screen, Bluetooth, a USB port, HD radio, Cloth seats, a rearview camera, cruise control, and a four-speaker audio system. The ES has front parking sensors and a six-speaker Rockford Fosgate premium stereo. This is an affordable and reliable car.

Why you should buy the 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 5M.


The 2019 Mirage ES 5M comes at a great price. It is the most affordable car on the market. It is a fantastic budget-friendly car for anyone. Its favorable price is great for first time car owners. The spare parts are affordable and readily available. You get your value or money after purchasing the car as it comes with excellent and high-quality features.

2. Impressive Fuel-Economy Ratings

The car is very economical. It is excellent on gas. It's 1.2 – liter, and the three-cylinder engine makes 78hp and 100 Nm of torque, mated to a five-speed manual or a continuously variable transmission. If your goal is to save many at the gas stations, this car is the best option. Depending on the trim level, you can use approximately 36 mpg to 43 mpg when driving. It doesn't take a lot of cash to fill up the tank. This is one of the best reasons to select the 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage.

3. High-Tech Features at an affordable price.

Besides the 2019 Mirage ES 5M being a low-budget vehicle, it is accompanied by standard high-tech features. The great system offers support for apple car play and Android Auto. It has excellent Bluetooth connectivity too. Moreso, it keeps you connected through voice commands. You can communicate easily without getting distracted from the road. This is amazing since you get to answer calls or texts hands-free. A big screen shows all the information you need briefly. Not forgetting its top-notch sound system with a six-speaker premium stereo. It has a push-button start, proximity keyless entry, and automatic climate control.

4. Great safety features

The car gives you great safety features to protect you and your passenger. These safety features come standard on the car. The halogen headlights and fog lights enhance excellent visibility. The car has a RISE or Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution that reroutes and absorbs energy impacts to protect the people in the vehicle. The stability control system keeps traction on each wheel. The rear camera helps when backing up.

5. AN Amazing CTV Automatic Transmission

The 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage comes with an excellent automatic- transmission system. The CTV(continuously variable transmission)operates perfectly. It has a leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls. It has an automatic climate and push-button engine start. Its keyless operation system enhances the security of the car. This keyless feature lets the car lock or unlocks the vehicle without the keys. It is hard for anyone to get n through the backdoor without your consent thus enhances your security. It gets more miles-per-gallon when fuel-economy ratings are concerned.

6. Great steering and handling

The 2019 mirage ES 5M provides excellent steering and handling. Its steering is tight and accurate. It can handle curves even though it is not speedy. Additionally, braking is solid and responsive that has a safe stopping distance. This car was not built to be a performance vehicle but has a great driving experience.

7. A stylish Exterior

This is an attractive car. With a stylish exterior and has nice lines. The 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 5M is the most stylish and attractive car in its price range.

8. IT has plenty of space.

This small but mighty car has a deceptively large interior space. It can hold five seats. However small the car is, it has comfortable inside space. The car also has enormous cargo space. You can put the rear seats down in a 60-40 split for even more cargo space. It has two complete sets of: LATCH car-seat connectors joining the rear outboard seats and an upper tether for the rear middle seat. This LATCH system is rated highly by The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety.

9. it has a fantastic car-Test rating.

The 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage has a high crash-test rating. In the event of an accident, the people in the vehicle will be protected. This is because of the RISE system that is standard in the car. The IIHS gives the mirage high rating in all categories. The NHTSA gives the car 4 out of 5 stars from comprehensive crash tests. The car has the same high rates for rollover tests.

Note: The Mitsubishi Mirage ES 5M is an attractive small car. Others may refer to it as a small but mighty car because of it incredible features. It has a little bit of engine noise while driving over 70 MPG. The car might not be quiet because the manufacturer did not make it for luxury. It is a bit slow, but it compensates by saving you money when fueling. The 2019 Mitsubishi mirage is an excellent car for first-time drivers and a driver on a budget. For anyone looking for excellent basic transportation, this vehicle is for you. It is safe and reliable. The significant cargo and passenger space regardless of its small size. It is affordable and saves on gas, making it economical.

It is easy to park and move from one place to another. It is sporty and fun to drive. You can trust Hartland Automotives Sales for your subsequent car sales. We will guide you on everything you need to know about the 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 5M.

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Jim Stansbury - 2017 Kia Soul REVIEW


Kia Soul was and still is a trendy vehicle. It was initially introduced in 2009, and it is still being produced today. The 2017 Kia Soul is a great vehicle that offers its drivers and passengers a lot. It's the type of car that's perfect for a family. It can comfortably seat up to eight people, and it has a lot of features that make it a great car to drive.

Everything, from the car's design to the way it drives, is focused on providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the driver and passengers. This is a car built to last, and it's evident in the way it's constructed. It's a reliable car that won't give you any trouble on the road.

The 2017 Kia Soul is an excellent car for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable car to drive. It's a perfect car for families, and it has a lot to offer in terms of features and performance.

2017 Kia Soul Features


Everything starts from the engine of the car. The Kia Soul is equipped with a V6 cylinder engine that provides power. The displacement is 3.6L, and it can produce 281 horsepower at 6300rpm and 266lb-ft torque at 3400rpm. That means that this car can accelerate quickly and have no problem reaching high speeds.

The engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission that provides smooth and precise shifting. The transmission can also handle the power of the engine very well. There's also a manual mode that allows the driver to take more control over the car.

The Kia Soul also comes with all-wheel drive, meaning it will be able to grip the road better and be more stable when cornering. Another thing, the all-wheel-drive system is very reliable, and it's been tested in different conditions.

It is also praised for having a perfect suspension system. The front and rear suspension are independent to provide a smoother ride. The car can also absorb bumps very well, and it doesn't feel jarring when driving on rough roads.

The 6-speed automatic transmission is very efficient, and it helps the car save a lot of fuel. This car's EPA fuel economy rating is 16mpg in the city and 23mpg on the highway. That's very good for a car of this size.

Convenience & Comfort

The Kia Soul has a lot to offer when it comes to convenience and comfort. A combination of features makes this car very comfortable and convenient to drive.

First of all, the car has a lot of space. It can seat up to eight people comfortably. There's also a lot of room in the trunk to fit a lot of luggage. The car is also effortless to get in and out of.

The seats are very comfortable, and they're perfect for long journeys. The front seats are adjustable so that you can find the ideal position. It has power steering, so it's effortless to maneuver the car. The steering wheel is also adaptable to find the perfect position for yourself.

The car also comes with many great features that make it very convenient to use. A remote start feature allows you to start the car from a distance. There's also a keyless entry system, so you don't have to fumble for your keys.

Equipping the car with the optional auxiliary power outlet and navigation from the telematics system will make your life easier. The former allows you to charge your devices while on the go, and the latter provides you with turn-by-turn directions.


Safety is always a priority for Kia, and the Soul is no exception. The car comes with many features that make it very safe to use. One of these is the airbags. The driver and passenger airbags are standard, and the front head and rear head airbags. This car also has side airbags in the front, a great safety feature.

The brakes on the Soul are also excellent. They are 4-wheel ABS brakes, which means that they will stop the car very quickly in an emergency. The vehicle also has 4-wheel disc brakes, which are even more effective at stopping the car.

Another excellent safety feature of the Soul is the electronic stability control. This feature helps to keep the car from skidding or sliding in slippery conditions. It is a great feature to have if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow or rain.

The Soul also has excellent safety features, such as daytime running lights and child safety locks. These features make the car even safer to use, and they give you peace of mind knowing that your family is safe when you are driving.

Interior and Exterior

The look of the 2017 Kia Soul is modern and sleek, with an aggressive stance. The front end is accented by sharp angles and bold lines, while the rear end has a sporty look with its dual exhaust system and roof-mounted spoiler. The overall effect is a stylish and aggressive SUV yet still refined.

The interior of the Soul is just as impressive as the exterior, with a spacious and comfortable cabin that is perfect for families. The seats are comfortable, and there is plenty of legroom for all passengers. The controls are easy to use, and the infotainment system is top-notch. The only downside to the interior is that it can be noisy on the highway.

Overall, the Soul is a great SUV that offers much value for the money. It is stylish, well-equipped, and safe, and it is an excellent choice for families who need a spacious and comfortable vehicle.

Where to Buy 2017 Kia Soul

If you are looking for a great deal on a 2017 Kia Soul, you should check out the many online retailers selling this SUV. You can find a great selection of these vehicles at various price points, and you can even find some fantastic deals on used models.

If you live in the Elkhart, Indiana area, you should check out Hartland Automotive Sales. This dealership has a great selection of Kia Soul models, and they often have great deals on both new and used models. You can also find a lot of information about this SUV on their website to make an informed decision before you buy.

The 2017 Kia Soul is a great SUV that offers value for the money. It is stylish, well-equipped, and safe, and it is an excellent choice for families who need a spacious and comfortable vehicle. You can find a great selection of these vehicles at various online retailers, and you can even find some fantastic deals on used models.

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2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD is a quad-cab, five-passenger SUV that is sporty and fun. The Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD comes with a four-wheel-drive system that the driver controls, and it has four doors. The front seats have lumbar support, and the back seats have adjustable headrests. The Tahoe LT has a V8 engine with a six-speed automatic transmission for smooth acceleration. It gets about 20 miles per gallon of gasoline, which is adequate for a vehicle of this class.

The Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD is loaded with safety features such as antilock brakes, airbags, rollover-sensing side curtain airbags, and a stability control system to help in case of an accident. The Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD also offers keyless entry, a power sunroof, OnStar Communication System, front and rear heated seats, leather upholstery and heated front seats. This car is among the greatest used vehicles and new cars offered by Hartland Automotive Sales.

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD interior design

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD is a good choice if a buyer is looking for a vehicle that has enough space to accommodate a family and friends. It can comfortably seat six adults, two in the front and four in the rear. If there are less passengers, it comes with the option of folding one or both of your back seats down. The third-row seats can also be folded down, giving the vehicle an even larger capacity. The rear seats are also highly adjustable, allowing different configurations to fit your transporting people or cargo needs.

The third row in the Tahoe LT can also be removed for cargo or to increase the vehicle's speed. The second row in the 2013 Chevy Tahoe can easily be folded down and stowed when not needed, saving space. If a buyer is looking for an SUV with amazing fuel efficiency, then Chevrolet is the best option to choose from Hartland Automotive Sales car dealers.

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD Exterior design

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD exterior is bold, sleek, and popular. The front grill features a prominent Chevy logo and a grille-mounted Outback/Avalanche/Suburban bow. At the same time, the grille also features a pair of headlights and an available chrome accent strip under the lower bumper.

The vehicle measures 172 inches (4,365 mm) in length and 81 inches (2,144 mm) in width. The overall vehicle length is 197.7 inches (5,648 mm), and it stands 64.2 inches (1,626 mm) tall. The Tahoe LT is available in two exterior colors, Black Ice Metallic and Summit White. Both colors are two-toned with a blacked-out hood and roof. A third color option the Tahoe LT is available in is Mystic Blue Metallic, a metallic blue color with a blacked-out hood and roof.

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD engine

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD comes with an 8 Cylinder Engine which is very powerful and has great acceleration rates. It produces 285 horsepower and 325lb-ft of torque. The vehicle can tow up to 9,000 pounds, the maximum number the manufacturer allows it to tow. Generally, it takes less than 8 seconds for the car to reach 60mph from when you step on the gas pedal.

Anyone can easily drive the Tahoe LT 4WD since it is very easy to maneuver and park. It among the safest SUVs around, and it has great fuel efficiency combined with its high power. The Tahoe LT 4WD features a standard anti-lock brakes, a traction control system, a stability control system and electronic stability control.

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD Performance

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe is a beautiful vehicle, and its many features make it very exciting to drive. The performance of the 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD is excellent. It can easily go from 0-60mph in about 8 seconds, and it has a top speed of about 100mph. The V8 engine provides excellent acceleration and power to help you get up to speed quickly. Overall, the Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD is fast and smooth!

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD Safety

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD car safety features are great. It has many safety features such as anti-lock brakes, traction control system, stability control system and electronic stability control. The anti-lock brakes help to prevent a skid by reducing the wheels from locking up on uneven surfaces. The traction control system is great because it keeps the vehicle in a straight path if the driver loses control of the car.

If there is another vehicle on the road, it will help you avoid dangerous situations and keep you from crashing. The stability control system limits oversteer by keeping the driver from shifting into a slide or spin. The electronic stability control can keep you from getting into an accident if you are about to do so by keeping your speed constant and braking if necessary.

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD Oil Economy

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD gets about 20 miles per gallon of gasoline. It's an average gas mileage for a vehicle of its class. Moreover, the car is loaded with safety features such as antilock brakes, electronic stability control, traction control system, and stability control system. The Chevy Tahoe LT 4WD also has a V8 engine, which helps it get great gas mileage. Overall the vehicle is very safe and reliable and one of the best Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD car dealers in Hartland.

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD Review

In the 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 4WD review, I give this car a 9 out of 10 rating. It is an amazing vehicle that provides its driver with everything they could need in a car. It is a very spacious vehicle with enough space for your kids and their friends. It also has a mighty engine and fast acceleration.

The Tahoe LT 4WD gives you the power you need to get up to speed quickly, and it is safe to drive around the city or on the highway. Lastly, the Tahoe LT 4WD includes many safety features that will help keep you safe on the road. Above all, Hartland Automotive Sales ensures you get this amazing car at most affordable prices, whether you want new or used. Just contact them or reach the dealer at their location office in Elkhart, Indiana.

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What do you look for when buying your personal or family car? If you are unsure what to consider when buying your car and you happen to live in Elkhart, Indiana, you need to visit Hartland Automotive Company. This is a reputable company that deals with all kinds of cars. Our salespeople know all kinds of cars, their features, specs, and even the drawbacks customers need to checkout for. In short, we will help you choose the perfect car within your budget, needs, and uses.

For example, one of our favorite and recommendable mid-sized family cars that happens to be affordable is the 2017 Hyundai Sonata SE. Let us look into the details of the features, specs, and advantages you read when you buy this car from our yard.

Overview of 2017 Hyundai Sonata SE

As I mentioned, this is a mid-sized car, a five-seater. So, it is a good option for small to medium-sized families. The car is also quite roomy since it comfortably sits three people at the back and two in front, including the driver. The car's interior is gorgeous, and the seats are made of leather, so maintenance is easy for you. It is an affordable car, especially for people who may opt for a second car option, and we can't ignore the fact that it is economical. So, if you are also looking for a fuel-efficient car for daily use, considering now fuel has gone high, this is a good investment. The carriage at the trunk is roomy, so if you are a traveling person, I believe this car will not inconvenience you. Lastly, this is an automatic vehicle, so even beginners will have an easy time maneuvering it in the city.

Special features


The vehicle consumes 1.6 liters, so it is a fuel-efficient vehicle for people who needs a car to drive daily.

7-inch touch screen display

Who wants to struggle to navigate GPS or change the playlist in the car while driving? This vehicle is made with a large 7-inch screen with a touch screen mode of control for easy settings and navigating while on the road.

It supports Apple and Android auto-play.

Whether you want to integrate your apple or android device to listen to your favorite playlist, this car supports both smartphone models.

Six speaker stereo

We all have different preferences, and I believe some people cannot drive without their music playing on full blast. So, to accommodate such people, this vehicle is equipped with a six-speaker stereo essential for providing good music audios in the car.

Bluetooth and USB connection

Bluetooth is useful when integrating your phone into the car to make a call or even listen to the music saved on the phone. There are other ports for connection if you wish to charge your phone on the car cigarette.

Rearview camera

The rearview dash camera makes parking this car mainly in busy spaces easy. It also records all the happening on the road for safety and for you to preview your day-to-day drives.

Keyless start

When we talk about an upgrade of a car, this 2017 Hyundai Sonata SE is no exception. It features the keyless button start mode, the smooth and fastest way to start a car.

Automatic climate regulation

You don't need to put on your AC when the climate changes as this car adapts to different weather changes. This means that when it gets extremely hot, the car will automatically cool the temperatures, and if it is cold, it will provide warm surroundings.

Safety features

The front seats of this car are equipped with thick airbags, and all seats are equipped with seatbelts for the safety of everyone in the car. Other safety features you will enjoy include; the cross-traffic alert, lane departure warning, plus brakes and headlights function well. It has an emergency braking and rear parking sensor to help you park in areas with other cars or objects.

Roomy interiors

The vehicle is a five-seater with three seats at the back and two in front. The front seats can incline and decline to provide enough space, and we can say the back area also has reasonable space. However, the headroom of the backspace is not that big, so some people may find it uncomfortable to sit there.

Leather seats

Leather seats are easy to maintain as they need wiping with a cloth, and you will be good to go. If you have small kids who tend to be messy, I bet it will be easy to maintain the seats as you need to wipe them.

Roomy trunk

The trunk storage space measures 16.3 feet to accommodate a lot of cargo, maybe when traveling.


  • This vehicle is affordable

  • It is fuel-efficient

  • The interior has great sitting space

  • The vehicle adapts to different temperatures for the comfort of the passengers

  • It is fuel-efficient

  • Has multiple safety design features

  • This car has a rear dashcam

  • It is an automatic and has a button starter option

  • The cargo storage space is large

  • This car has an excellent rating from customers.


  • The engine in this car is not good, especially for offroad drives

  • The car does not have enough headroom for tall folks at the back

An affordable, fuel-efficient, and easy-to-use car is all you get from the 2017 Hyundai Sonata SE. It is a classic car with a sleek exterior finish worth investing in for your family's use. Thanks to the button start-up mode, the car is easy to start and has a great interior space. The cargo space is also large, so you can pack enough luggage for your family to use if you are traveling.

If you are looking for a reliable car dealer in Elkhart, Indiana, We are the perfect company. We will help you choose the perfect car for you and also give you great options within your budget. Our services are open 24/7, so if you have any inquiries or would like to book a car viewing session, you can reach us at any time.

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Are you looking for an off-road and city truck that you can use to run errands and probably enjoy those weekend trips and camping events? Well, 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD is a great truck. It is a compact pickup with a handful of features that you will enjoy and considering it is an advanced model from 2002. We love things about it, such as the change to a new fuel injection engine system of a 17.5-liter V-6 engine and the fact that it can accommodate up to5 people. This article will give a detailed review of the 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD, we will give you the features worth noting plus the goods and the ugly sides about this car worth noting before you spend your money on buying it.

The overview of 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD

We would like to outline that this pickup is a remodel of 2002 with a few changes. The 2003 model has a sportier look, and also, it is a 4-wheel drive which means that; this pickup can pretty much handle multiple surfaces both off-road and on highways. The pickup is a five-seater with four-door access, plus it has an upgraded fuel cylinder engine with 17.5-liter fuel consumption. Are you wondering if this pickup can carry a sizeable cargo? As much as this 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD is crafted in a compact design; it has a 6-foot extended cab bed that can carry a lot of cargo.

Another thing that we love about this 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD is the design. The compact design and the refined sporty look attract even young buyers. It is a classy car one can buy for leisure rides, road trips, and transportation. We have got a few young buyers who chose it as they can relate more with the vehicle, and it is convenient.

Key features


This is an automatic pickup anyone can easily maneuver around with it. The vehicle features a four-speed automatic, and it is an electronically controlled vehicle with standard overdrive mode.

Safety features

This pickup has been advanced with safety features to protect the passengers in case of an accident. The frontal areas of the driver and the passenger(s) have airbags. It is a pickup that you can carry kids with as it has safety locks (child locks) on all doors. It has daytime running lights such that if you pass through poorly lit areas, the car will give good illumination without switching on the main car lights.

Adjustable steering wheel

The steering wheel of this 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD is made of pure leather material that is comfortable to grip when driving. Also, it is adjustable to position it to the most comfortable steering angle.

Air conditioners

This car ensures you can easily regulate the temperatures inside the car at different seasons. I mean, there is an Air conditioner for warming and cooling the car, depending on the temperatures of the outdoors.

Has music and entrainment connection

Whether you love to listen to music or news when going to work or on your road trip, I bet you will enjoy your travel while in this car. It is equipped with the audio FM/AM stereo, and it has an audio CD player where you can listen to your favorite music collection while on the move.

Seats five people

Considering this is an extended pickup, it can carry up to five people. It has the usual front bench that can sit around three people of standard body size and has back bucket seats that can seat two people. As much as this car can pack a lot of people, rest assured it is comfortable. The front legroom and the back leg rooms measure 42.5 and 34.6 rooms comfortable for most heights.

Fuel consumption

This is one of the drawbacks worth noting about the 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD. If you are looking for an economic pickup, maybe for work, this could not be a good choice. It has a fuel consumption of 17.5 gallons which is not efficient for most people.

The engine type

This pickup is equipped with the VORTEC 4300 V 6 MFI engine with four cylinders design.

Access design

This pickup features four doors with two on each side


  • The windows of this car are tinted for safety and protection of the interior from the harsh sunlight

  • It can accommodate a lot of people, unlike other pickups

  • It features a raised design that gives excellent viewing of the outside

  • This pickup has safety measures for security in case of an accident

  • The pickup can tow heavyweights of up to 5,200 lbs

  • The pickup has a beautiful glossy finish and comes in a variety of colors

  • It is a compact pickup that still provides reasonable carrying space

  • This pickup comes with a 3-year warranty

  • The 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD is safe to carry kids as it has child locks on the doors.

  • The windows are deep-tinted to offer privacy to travelers.


  • Regarding fuel consumption, the 2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD is not a good choice as it consumes 17.5 liters.

  • The seats feature a bucket seat design so that they may be uncomfortable for larger people.


2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup LS Ext. Cab 4WD is a good pickup to invest in if the above features meet your needs. The car is classy and comes in different colors, which you can all find at our shop. At Hartland Automotive Sales, we take time to assess and evaluate our vehicles before we display them for sales, so be sure you are getting nothing but a reputable and functional vehicle. The car also comes with a warranty such that if it has mechanical issues when you get it from our shop, we will look into the matter. Our car sales shop is located in Elkhart, Indiana, and you can also contact us to inquire more about our car sales.

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Jim Stansbury - 2018 Cadillac Escalade Luxury 4WD Review


The name Cadillac says it all.

When you heard the name Cadillac, you knew people were talking about a grand car. It was GM’s answer to luxury vehicles made by other companies. Plus, the Cadillac name has a long history for excellence, comfort, and style.

At Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana, you will find the 2018 Cadillac Escalade and other Cadillac models. There is no doubt you will find the perfect car on our lot.

It is not a car, nor a truck but a grand SUV.

Comfort is still king when it comes to more modern Cadillac vehicles. This Escalade doesn’t let you down. Plus, no matter the type of road you travel, you will get a quiet ride. Just look at the specs to get the idea that there is more than comfort to this vehicle.

Under the hood is a V8 gas engine that gets roughly 14- 17 mpg in the city and up to 26 on the highway. Part of the credit is due to the 10-speed automatic that is paired with this motor. On one 26-gallon tank of gas, you should get up to 546 miles on the highway.

Then the 6.2L engine gives you 420 HP at 5600 RPM and 460 lb-ft of torque at 4100 RPM.

Towing ability & convenience

Everyone these days is looking at the towing ability of newer cars. This Escalade will not disappoint as there is more than enough power to tow 8100 pounds. it also has a payload capacity of 1420 pounds.

The power and towing ability do not take away from any comfort or convenience built into this fine car. You name it, this SUV should have it.

  • adjustable pedals

  • cruise control

  • parking assist

  • electric power steering

  • front & rear parking sensors

  • 3 rows of cup holders

  • sun sensor

  • and a lot more

This is not to mention the 3 zone climate control that makes sure you and your family are not bothered by the outside weather conditions. There is plenty of room inside for everyone, including your pet. The Escalade can seat 7 people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what this car has built into it. Make sure to get to Hartland Automotive Sales to see everything this car has to offer in the way of comfort, power, entertainment, and so on.


When you want to enjoy your long drive, this vehicle comes packed with entertainment options. Here are just a few of those items:

  • 16 total speakers- Bose premium brand

  • satellite radio service ready

  • USB connection with external media control

  • speed-sensitive volume control

  • surround sound

  • AM/FM stereo

This car is loaded with the right features to make sure when you drive to work or do errands, you get the best ride possible.

2018 Cadillac Escalade colors

One of the drawbacks to this vehicle is that the interior colors are a bit limited. You can get it in jet black or shale with jet black highlights. Not a lot of choice there.

However, the exterior is far different. You can get a choice between 9 colors and each one makes this car look good. In addition, there are 3 different trim styles, Luxury, Platinum, & Premium and they come in two models each.

What people are saying

This is an SUV that is an acquired taste. Not everyone will like it or the lack of interior color selection. For some people, color is the most important aspect and the Escalade only delivers on the exterior portion of the vehicle.

One reviewer loved the Escalada and called it the best model made. They may have gotten the best model to come off the production line as not everyone shares that opinion.

There is another reviewer who does take the opposite view and says it is the worst one yet. They point to a faulty transmission that had to be replaced far too soon as well as other defects that they said kept their model in the repair shop for 2 months in one year.

Other people feel that GM did its customers a disservice by putting the body on a pick-up chassis. They claim the ride is not that great and the luxury items inside are just sugar coating.

But people have different opinions as another reviewer could not say enough about this vehicle. The Escalade got from 0 to 60 in 6.1 seconds showing off its power. They liked the magnetic shocks and felt those provided the driver with better handling.

Finally, they liked the space, the comfort, and the luxury saying it is more than just a superficial sugar coating.

2018 Cadillac Escalade Pros & Cons


  • lots of power under the hood

  • luxurious interior

  • quick acceleration

  • tows up to 8300 pounds

  • The payload capacity of 1420 pounds

  • a very quiet ride

  • 10-speed automatic transmission (shiftable)

  • 4 WD that gets good gas mileage


  • a very high price tag

  • ride not as comfortable as other SUVs in its class

  • maybe a bit hard to handle for some people

  • some steering issues may arise

  • high, uneven cargo floor- a hassle to load items in the back

  • brakes could be better

When you want luxury & class

The Cadillac name still means something in the 21st century. It is a name that tells you that you are getting something extra. The 2018 Escalade is providing you with something extra.

You get extra comfort, extra quiet ride, extra convenience, and extra entertainment. Plus, you get more power than you thought possible for an SUV of that caliber and class.

All you need to do is come down to Hartland Automotive Sales and test drive one today. Don’t walk, run as we cannot be sure how long these models will remain on our lot.

When you want the best to go with the name Cadillac. The company knows how to combine, class, and style with power and luxury. The 2018 Escalade is packed full of luxury items that will make your commute like a walk in the park.

Staff Photo

Jim Stansbury - 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS M/T


It is good to fully understand what kind of a car you are investing your money in. Whether it is a family or personal car, quality, reliability, and even convenience should be paramount when choosing a car. In our case, we are going to review the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS M/T. So, if you are skeptical or wondering if you should go ahead and buy this car model, you are in the right place. We will provide a detailed review of the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS M/T and what makes it a great and a bad car.


If you ask me how the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS M/T feels on the road and having tested different kinds of cars, I can assure you it feels like you are driving a sports car. It is a sleek car ideal for people looking for a compact vehicle for family or individual use. Therefore, this is a mid-sized vehicle! This is a five-seater car with ample room for front and back passengers. The front seats can incline and decline to ensure the driver has the most comfortable driving angle or position.

If you are wondering if you can carry your luggage with the car when travelling well, yes. Compared to other mid-sized cars, this 2013 Hyundai Elantra has a roomy trunk that can carry many loads. It has several storage cubbies in the front and back area to provide storage space, drink holding space and others. This car has four access doors, and in terms of mileage, it has 28 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway. The car has a 4-cylinder engine and consumes about 1.8 litres. Hence, to add to that, this is an economical car.

Key Features

  • It supports both manual and auto speed control

This unique vehicle is quite easy to control on the road. You can opt to use the 6-speed manual or 6-speed auto for excellent control while on the road.

  • 1.8-litre gas consumption

Not only is this a reliable car on the road, but it ensures you save on gas consumption. The car consumes 1.8 litres which is an upgrade from the previous 2liters. So, it has been made to be more economical.

  • Large LCD

It has a GPS connection and a large LCD for easy navigation when driving in unfamiliar places. The LCD features a touch screen control mode for easy control.

  • Connecting options

Like other cars, the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS M/T has Bluetooth and USB connection ports, so you can integrate it with smart devices to listen to music or pick up calls when driving.

  • Roomy for comfort

This car is a five-seater with two seats in front and three at the back. The front seats can be inclined and decline flat to ensure the driver is comfortable. Overall, the car is quite roomy such that you will not feel fatigued when travelling for long-distance. The seats are made of leather covers which are easy to maintain in cleaning, although they do not have great padding.

  • Ample storage spaces

If you are the kind of person, who likes to eat while on the road, I bet this car would excite you. It has a variety of storage spaces and cubbies to provide multiple storage areas. There are cup holders so you can still sip your drink while driving.

  • Noise resistant

This car is quite good at soaking up the exterior noises, so you don’t get distraction when driving. It has a soundproof body that minimizes the amount of noise getting to the interior. So, if you have a sleeping child and are probably driving in noisy areas, be sure you will not get any disturbance.

  • Has airbag on the front side

Both the driver and front passenger sides are equipped with airbags. One crucial point you need to know is that the 2013 model has more improved airbags with better inflation for improved safety. This has been tested and approved to be so.

  • Sound player connections

If you are the type of person who enjoys good music when probably driving long distances, trust me, this car is a good choice. The car is equipped with AM, FM, and CD players to listen to your music. With FM, you can learn what is going on in your country while on the move.

  • Rear camera

Parking the car is easy thanks to the rear camera that shows the back area to avoid crushing or hitting other cars when parking in busy spaces.


  • This car has GPS for navigation

  • It has sun proof exterior to secure the interior from sun damage

  • The 17-inch wheels give a sports car feel on the road

  • It is an economical car

  • The body has a sleek glossy finish

  • Have improved airbags on the front side

  • It has various storage spaces

  • The car is roomy


  • The throttle response is not fast

  • Some people may find the back seats a bit squeezed

  • The seats are not well padded

  • The steering wheel feels loose after a while of driving

Buying 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS M/T in Elkhart, Indiana

There you have it! We have given you reasons why you need to invest in the 2013 Hyundai Elantra car. It is a great mid-sized vehicle with great features, and it is economical on fuel too. From our review, the car has great features that most standard vehicles do not have. So, if you need help deciding about the car or need more clarification regarding the cost of this car, visit us at Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana. We have a great team of car sales representatives, and they will show you around our car yard. We have car assessors who take time to assess all our vehicles before they are sold.

This means that you can comfortably buy a car room us as we are reliable and guarantee all our cars are functional and convenient. So, visit our website or call us on............... to book an appointment. Still, you can pop at our shop, and we will help you choose your dream car.

Staff Photo



Whenever a customer comes to our car sales shows at Hartland Automotive Sales looking for a mid-sized vehicle for personal or family use, the 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited Auto is one of the top cars we show to our customers. It was also remodeled in 2011, with additional features like a button starter. It is a classy car that is economical and good for city use. If you are torn between the 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited Auto and other car models, you are in the right place. We will provide a detailed review of this car and why we have it in our showroom, so you can make a good decision before acquiring it.


2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited Auto is a mid-sized vehicle that is a five-seater. The car is accessible from 4 different points, considering it has four doors, two on each side. The car is quite economical as it only consumes 2.0 liters of gas. So, for those looking for a vehicle that they can save on gas, this is a good choice.

It is a classy car that comes in varying colors to choose from. The 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited Auto is an advanced car model from the previous one with additional features like a push-button starter.

The 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited Auto has four-cylinder engines, one of the few things we don't like since it does not perform well on highways. It is an automatic car so navigating through, even for beginners, is relatively easy. Overall, this is a classy vehicle worth investing in.

Main specs

  • Passengers: Can carry five people

  • Entry doors: It has four doors

  • Car transmission: It has an automatic 6-speed car

  • Engine: 4 cylinder engines turbocharged gas

  • Mileage 22mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway

Key features

Here are some of the primary key features we love about this 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited Auto you should know before buying it;

It has a button starter.

The first thing that you will notice on this car is the mode of starting it. As we had mentioned earlier, this is an upgraded model with added features, and one of them is the button starter. So, unlike the classic cars that require keys to start, in the 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited Auto, you need to press the button to get it started.

Roomy interior

This is a relatively large vehicle compared to other mid-sized cars. It can accommodate five people, two on the front side (including the driver) and three with standard body size at the back. We can say the head and feet areas offer enough room to stretch, but the car may feel a bit short for tall folks. Some tall people may not get enough headroom, especially those seated at the back.

Features all connection parts

This is a fantastic car with all you need for your connection purposes. To listen to your favorite music from an external device like a smartphone, pair it with the Bluetooth of the car. It takes little time to pair as well. Also, USB ports ensure the connection between the vehicle and other devices is easy. Do you want to charge your phone while on the move? The car has a port for charging devices through the car cigarette.

Features a car parking sensor (dashcam)

This is a great car that will aid you in parking mainly in congested areas. The car parking sensor gives you directions on how to move your vehicle when parking to avoid accidents. So, I bet this feature will fit you as a beginner car owner.

Automatic climate adjustment

Another feature that we love about this vehicle is that the interior seats are heated such that during the cold seasons or early in the morning, you will not need to worry about turning on your AC. This could be because the car is made so that it adjusts to climatic changes. So, when scorched hot on the outside, it will keep you cool and vice versa.

Has sunproof design

You will enjoy the sleek interior of your car for a very long time as it is not exposed to the sunlight. This car is crafted with sunproof materials that block a high percentage of UV rays from reaching your vehicle's interior. So, you will not have to deal with the chairs fading or the interior getting extremely hot when you park outside.


  • This car is made of solid and durable materials to offer value for money

  • You can get it in different colors

  • The vehicle features safety parts like a child lock, airbags on the front seats

  • It has a dashcam that aids with parking

  • It has a roomy interior

  • The car is made with sunproof materials

  • It is easy to start with the button

  • It is a smooth ride with good mpg on rims


  • The steering is a bit disappointing as it keeps on loosening

  • The seats are not padded and feel flat

  • The back area may not offer enough headroom for tall people

  • The engine is not too reliable when riding on highways

Now that you have all this information, is the 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited Auto?

The answer is yes. If you are looking for an economical car that is easy to maneuver in different regions, mainly in the city, this car is good. It is made with quality materials and favorable features that you will enjoy.

Where to buy a 2013 Hyundai Sonoata in Elkhart Indiana?

Hartland Automotive Sales is the perfect company to consider for the best car offers and superb options. We have been in the car sales industry for a very long time, and thus, we understand our job. Our car sales representatives know the different vehicles we have at the showroom, so before you decide, we will give you a good guide. Our car retails rates are affordable, one of the reasons we have been voted as the best car sales company in Elkhart, Indiana.

We are always ready to help if you don't know which vehicle to buy within your budget. So, call us or visit our showroom to learn more about us as you view our car collection ready for you to buy!

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Jim Stansbury - 2013 GMC ACADIA SLT-1 AWD


The GMC Acadia was first released in the 2007 model year as a mid-sized crossover SUV. It was designed to compete with other popular crossover SUVs like the Ford Edge and Honda Pilot. The Acadia was well received by the public and quickly became one of General Motors' most popular vehicles. A redesign of the Acadia was released for the 2013 model year. The 2013 GMC Acadia SLT-1 AWD is larger and has more features than the original model. It is available in all-wheel-drive configurations and has a V6 engine that produces 288 horsepower. The Acadia has been praised for its comfortable ride and excellent performance.

Engine & Performance

One of the many things that set the 2013 GMC Acadia SLT-1 AWD apart from other crossover SUVs is its impressive performance. The Acadia has a V6 engine that produces 288 horsepower. This engine gives the Acadia plenty of power to handle whatever you might put it through. With a torque of 270 Lb-ft, the Acadia can also tow up to 4,500 lbs. You can easily tow your boat or trailer to your favorite fishing spot.

The Acadia's all-wheel-drive system configuration also helps to give the Acadia excellent traction and handling in all weather conditions. It's something that has been appreciated by drivers and reviewers alike. When it comes to fuel economy, the Acadia can also get an EPA estimated 23 MPG on the highway.

This guarantees that you'll be able to travel long distances without worrying about running out of fuel. The Acadia also has a very comfortable ride. It can soak up bumps and potholes with ease, making for a smooth ride.


Inside the Acadia, you'll find a wealth of features designed to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. The Acadia comes standard with seating for seven passengers. You and your passengers will be able to stretch out in the spacious cabin.

The Acadia's climate control system can also keep everyone comfortable, no matter what the temperature is outside. The Acadia has you covered if you want to listen to your favorite music or podcasts while you're driving. It comes standard with an eight-inch touchscreen display that gives you access to the latest music streaming services.

You'll also be able to use Acadia's built-in navigation system to get where you're going. And if you need to transport large items, the Acadia's rear cargo area is sure to come in handy. It has a generous amount of space that can accommodate just about anything you might need to bring with you. So if you're looking for a vehicle that offers many features and plenty of space, the GMC Acadia is a great choice.


The exterior of the GMC Acadia is designed to be both stylish and functional. The body of the Acadia is sleek and aerodynamic, which helps with fuel efficiency. The Acadia also comes standard with various features that make it easier to get in and out of. These include a power liftgate and a hands-free liftgate. The Acadia is also available in various colors to find the perfect one for you. It's also available in both two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations.

The GMC Acadia is a full-size SUV that seats up to eight passengers. It's available in both two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The Acadia also comes standard with various features that make it easier to get in and out of, including a power liftgate and a hands-free liftgate. It's also available in multiple colors to find the perfect one for you.

Safety and Convenience

The 2013 GMC Acadia SLT-1 AWD comes standard with various safety features to help keep you and your passengers' safe while on the road. StabiliTrak with Traction Control is designed to help keep the vehicle under control in slippery conditions, something you'd appreciate in the winter months. A rear-view camera is also standard, which can help you back out of a tight spot or avoid accidents when reversing.

The OnStar Automatic Crash Response integration summons emergency help if you're in an accident. You also get four-wheel drive, which is a nice feature to have in case of bad weather or need to tow something. There is also a comprehensive suite of airbags to keep you and your passengers safe in a collision.

The Acadia is also packed with convenience features to make your life easier. The tri-zone automatic climate control system lets the driver, front passenger, and rear passengers set their temperatures. The 8-inch touchscreen interface with voice recognition gives you access to all your music, navigation, and climate controls without taking your hands off the wheel. And if your Acadia has the third row of seats, they can be folded flat into the floor to create more cargo space.

The comprehensive theft-deterrent system with engine immobilizer will help keep your Acadia safe. In contrast, the remote starting system lets you warm up the vehicle before getting in. There are also a variety of cup holders, storage bins, and other storage spaces to help you keep your car organized.


  • A sleek and aerodynamic exterior

  • A standard power liftgate and hands-free liftgate

  • Available in a variety of different colors

  • Tri-zone automatic climate control system

  • 8-inch touchscreen interface with voice recognition

  • The third row of seats can be folded flat into the floor

  • Theft-deterrent system with engine immobilizer

  • Remote starting system

Where to Buy 2013 GMC Acadia SLT-1 AWD

You can find the GMC Acadia at Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana. The shop sells used cars and promoted the seller in a good way. Stop by the dealership today to take a test drive. The shop dealership has a variety of 2013 GMC Acadia SLT-1 AWD models in different colors. You can also find a variety of other GMC and Chevrolet models at the dealership. The friendly staff at Hartland Automotive Sales would be happy to help you find the perfect car for your needs.

The 2013 GMC Acadia SLT-1 AWD is a stylish and functional full-size SUV perfect for families or anyone who needs plenty of cargo space. It comes standard with a variety of safety features and a host of convenience features that make life on the road easier. And with its available all-wheel-drive configuration, the Acadia is perfect for bad weather or off-road adventures. So, if you're in the market for a new SUV, be sure to check out the GMC Acadia. You won't be disappointed.

Staff Photo

Jim Stansbury - 2017 HYUNDAI SONATA SE



When you want something different

We understand that you do not want the same car as your neighbors. That is why we at Hartland Automotive Sales stock cars with some classic lines like the 2017 Sonata SE.

It is a car that sets you apart from your friends and neighbors. To learn more about this car, just continue reading and you will see why it is one of the better cars made.

It's all in the specs

Let’s start with the basics. This car comes with a gas engine that is partnered with one of the top 6 speed transmissions you can buy today. On top of that, it is a front-wheel-drive and has an inline 4-cylinder design that brings the power to your driving time.

Plus, it will seat 5 people which means you have room for your whole family and your 4-legged friend. Even with everyone inside, you should get to the 29 mpg this car is rated to get.

However, your results may differ, but you can be sure of reaching 25 to 35 mpg in the city and on the highway. The 16-valve, double overhead cam motor design produces 185 HP at 6000 RPM and 178 lb-ft of torque at 4000 RPM.

  • This is a car made to perform.

  • Safety is the name of the game

You can never be too safe with the way people drive these days. This car is loaded with safety features. From the standard ABS braking system to headrests for everyone, you have a car designed to get you safely to your destination every time you drive it.

But that is not all, there are dual front side air bags, stability control, front, and rear head bags, traction control, and a lot more. There are just too many safety features that come standard with this vehicle that you cannot afford to be without it.

Comfort & Entertainment

Even with all the safety devices built into this vehicle, there is still room for you to enjoy solid comfort and entertainment as you drive. This car is a complete package and here are some of the great standard features you get when you purchase this vehicle:

#1. Entertainment

  • 6 speakers

  • USB ports

  • AM & FM Stereo sound

  • Satellite radio

#2. Comfort

  • cruise control

  • front & rear cup holders

  • lots of storage space in doors, seats, and overhead console

  • rear view camera

  • tilt & telescopic steering wheel

  • Interior air filtering system

In addition to these and other comfort and entertainment features, you also get one-touch power windows, remote keyless power door locks, heated mirrors, and a lot more.

You will be surprised by what Hyundai has installed in this top-of-the-line vehicle. Since it is a used vehicle, you also get the benefits of all the options the original owner paid for when they first bought this car.

The 2017 Hyundai Sonata SE colors

No car is complete without having a range of colors to choose from. This vehicle originally came in 8 different colors ranging from scarlet red to phantom black. We stock as many of these colors as we can.

Plus, you can choose your interior color. The Sonata SE came in beige or gray premium cloth. With the color of your choice, you can feel nice and comfortable driving down the road.

What other people are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what other owners have to say about this top vehicle.

One owner said the car was very roomy and came with a large trunk to handle all cargo needs. The seats were comfortable and provide passengers and drivers with plenty of legroom. Plus, the controls were easy to learn and use.

Another owner said similar things as the previous review but added that they were not happy with the fabric. It was not as good as they had hoped it would be. They also wanted Hyundai to add a 6-cylinder motor as the 4-cylinder model just wasn’t as powerful as they would have liked.

A third owner could not get over how great the rear view back up camera worked. They just loved it as well as all the entertainment features. They were glad that they made their purchase and enjoy the ride this car offers.

2017 Hyundai Sonata SE Pros & Cons

Everyone will have a different list when it comes to the positive and negative aspects of any vehicle. This list is just to give you an idea of what is good and not so good about this vehicle.


  • spacious interior with lots of leg room

  • a smooth ride that does not produce a lot of road noise

  • easy to use controls for navigation and entertainment features

  • 10-year engine warranty

  • a very safe car to drive

  • lots of comfort for all passengers

  • quality rear view camera

  • great gas mileage


  • fabric may not meet everyone’s expectations or level of comfort

  • The LED light in the sunglasses holder may not turn off

  • optional turbo does not live up to its reputation or claims made about it

  • tall people may not be comfortable in the back seat

  • some connectivity issues

  • A reliable car

That is what you get when you purchase a top-quality used vehicle like the 2017 Hyundai Sonata SE from our lot. We at Hartland Automotive Sales strive to provide you with the best-used cars possible and this model takes the top prize.

It is a safe reliable vehicle that provides you with great entertainment, comfort as well as the best performance for a car in this class. You can’t do better, but you can do worse.

Come to our lot today and take this car out for a test drive. We think you will fall in love with the way it drives and feels once you get it out on the road. Our salesmen at Hartland Automotive in Elkhart are ready to provide you with the best customer care possible.

Take this car out today and see what makes it so special.

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Jim Stansbury - 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan


Used and new vehicles are available at Hartland Automotive Sales. Elkhart, Indiana, is where we call home. Treating consumers fairly and providing excellent service leads to recurring business. You can count on our helpful and educated sales staff to assist you in locating the vehicle of your dreams at a price you can afford. Shop our online inventory of used cars, trucks, and SUVs, and then come in to take a spin.

2011 Volkswagen Tiguan

With a top-notch cabin and European driving qualities, the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan provides a unique flavor in a vanilla class.

Vehicle overview

The 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan fills a void between popular crossover SUVs and luxury vehicles, combining affordability and practicality with upmarket features and brand awareness. The big question is: Is it possible to have a car that is both popular and high-end? The quick response is "maybe," which is a waffling one.

The interior of the VW Tiguan is a refreshing change from the standard compact crossover's plastic-trimmed cabin. The interior materials in this VW are on par with premium brands like Audi in terms of quality, while the cabin's strong structure outshines that of its class competitors. Even on the road, the Tiguan exhibits a certain level of refinement. The Tiguan is, in a single word, European when compared to its competitors.

Volkswagen's Tiguan is midway between the Touareg SUV and the Golf hatchback in terms of design. This year's Tiguan looks a little different, with a revised grille the most noticeable change. Other than this, the only significant change for 2011 is that the Wolfsburg Edition trim level is no longer available. Our favorite thing about the Tiguan is not just its looks but also its exciting driving dynamics, and we're happy to see Volkswagen continue to deliver on that promise with the compact crossover.

The 2011 VW Tiguan, on the other hand, is a little short on space and utility. Volkswagen's Tiguan offers much less passenger and cargo space than Honda's CR-V and Toyota's RAV4 models from 2011 and 2011, respectively. Although the VW's maximum load capacity is 25 percent less than that of its larger Japanese competitors, even when the rear seats are folded down, the VW still falls short. A different product would be a better choice for buyers who value functionality above all else.

In contrast, buyers who prioritize quality and refinement will find the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan an attractive option. Although some of Tiguan's competitors, such as the 2011 Hyundai Tucson and 2011 Kia Sportage, have adopted Tiguan's blend of elegance and refinement. We think it's best to look at all of the other options before saying "maybe" to the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan.

The Best of 2011

The 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan receives only a slight facelift, and a few features shuffle among versions, along with the removal of the Wolfsburg Edition trim.

Performance & mpg

The turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 engine in the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan generates 200 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque. An all-wheel drive is an option on the SE and SEL, but it's standard on the lower trims. The Tiguan S comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission, while a six-speed automatic is available and standard on the SE and SEL models.

An all-wheel-drive SEL tested by Edmunds went from zero to sixty miles per hour in 8.4 seconds, which is about on par with other crossovers in its class. When equipped with the automatic transmission, both the front- and all-wheel-drive models achieve an EPA-estimated combined fuel economy of 22 miles per gallon in combination, while the S trim's basic manual achieves 19/26/22.


Antilock disc brakes, traction and stability control, front side airbags, and side curtain airbags are all included as standard on the Tiguan. When it comes to braking, Edmunds found that the Tiguan 4Motion all-wheel drive came to a stop from 60mph in 126 feet. The 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan received a perfect five-star rating in all front and side collision categories in government testing. When it comes to frontal offset, side-strength, and roof-strength testing, Volkswagen's Tiguan was rated "Good" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


The 2011 VW Tiguan's turbocharged four-cylinder engine may not offer the most remarkable acceleration in the segment, but its torquey power delivery makes it seem energetic when passing slower vehicles in town or while driving on the highway. The Tiguan has a calm and steady demeanor when cornering, absorbing bumps, and ruts with ease. Steel frame and heavy-duty dampers give it added sturdiness on bumpy routes.

The electrically assisted steering on the 2011 Tiguan is comparable to a traditional hydraulic-assist arrangement for the most part. As speed increases, the steering effort gradually climbs to a level that is not taxing on even the slenderest of arms. The brake pedal doesn't require a lot of effort either, as it provides a lot of stopping power with just a small push.


The 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan, like the rest of the Volkswagen portfolio, has a luxurious interior with a level of craftsmanship that rivals that of an Audi. Premium materials, fine workmanship, and even metal trim add to the luxurious atmosphere. Navigating via the system is quick and easy to use thanks to large screens and well-placed controls.

No matter how many miles you put on your car during a road trip or how many curves you negotiate on the interstate, having supportive, well-shaped seats is a need. Rear passengers and baggage may be transported in the Tiguan's 60/40 split-folding rear seats, which have a center cargo pass-through. The backrest of the rear seat can be adjusted to provide more baggage capacity or more rear legroom. The Tiguan can fit 23.8 cubic feet of goods if the back seats are pushed all the way forward. If you fold down the second row, you get 56.1 cubic feet of room, which is a little less than the space in the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.

2011 Volkswagen Tiguan models

The 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan comes in three trim levels: S, SE, and SEL. All-wheel-drive, automatic climate control, air conditioning, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, keyless entry, leather upholstery, eight-way manually adjustable front seats, Bluetooth, and a CD player with an auxiliary audio port are all included as standard equipment on the entry-level S model.

17-inch wheels and chrome exterior trim are standard on the SE trim level. Foglight's and a roof rack are also included. The SE also features a leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel, heated washer nozzle, and power driver's seat. It also has heated front seats and leatherette vinyl upholstery. It also has a trip computer and an iPod interface. 18-inch wheels, a sunroof that opens, and GPS directions are all included with the SE's Sunroof and Navigation option.

Staff Photo

Jim Stansbury - 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A


In 2015, the Volkswagen Passat S 6A was released as a special edition car. It was based on the regular Passat S, but with some unique features that made it stand out from the rest. For instance, it featured a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine that generated 170 horsepower. In addition, the exterior of the car was finished in a special "R-Line" body kit that included a spoiler and 19-inch alloy wheels. The car's interior was also upgraded with leather seats and carbon-fiber trim. Lastly, the sound system was enhanced with an Alpine audio system.

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A quickly became a popular choice among consumers due to its unique features and stylish design. However, it was not without its faults. Some owners reported issues with the car's engine and problems with the electrical system. Nonetheless, the 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A remains a popular choice among car enthusiasts and is considered a collector's item. And considering its unique features, it's no wonder the 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A has become a popular choice among car enthusiasts.

2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A Performance

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A is a great car that offers good performance. It has a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine that produces 170 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission, which helps to deliver great fuel economy. The Passat also comes equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes, front ventilated disc brakes, brake assist, and hill hold control. All of this makes the Passat an excellent choice for those looking for a good-performing sedan. You'll love the way this car handles on the road. The engine build quality is excellent, and the ride is smooth and comfortable. There's plenty of room inside the cabin for passengers and cargo. The exterior styling is modern and sleek. You'll enjoy driving the Volkswagen Passat S 6A. If you're looking for a great performing sedan, the Passat should be at the top of your list.

2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A Exterior

The car has a sleek and stylish design that will turn heads. It comes with a black grille with chrome accents, body-colored door handles, and a body-colored front bumper. It also features body-colored power side mirrors with manual-folding and turns signal indicator, body-colored rear bumper, and clear coat paint. It doesn't end there; it has a fixed rear window with defroster, fully galvanized steel panels, light tinted glass, perimeter/approach lights, and a spare steel wheel. It also has variable intermittent wipers. The Passat is a great car for long drives. The comfortable seats and smooth ride make it a pleasure to drive. You'll enjoy the convenience of the power door locks and the clear view provided by the fixed rear window. The trunk is large enough to fit all your gear, and the spare tire is tucked away inside. The daytime running lights make it easy to see in the dark, and the Passat's sleek design is sure to turn heads.

2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A Interior

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A comes with various features that make it a great car to drive. The seats are comfortable and supportive, and the cabin is quiet and spacious. You'll appreciate the convenience of the 60/40 split-folding rear seatbacks, allowing you to expand the cargo area easily. The leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel add a touch of luxury, and the carbon fiber trim on the dash and doors gives the interior a sporty look. The sound system is impressive, and you'll enjoy the convenience of the Bluetooth hands-free interface. The Passat also comes with a sunroof, perfect for long drives on sunny days. What's more, the Passat S 6A comes standard with various safety features, including six airbags and electronic stability control. If you're looking for a sedan that's comfortable, stylish, and packed with features, the 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A is an excellent choice.

2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A Safety

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A comes with various safety features that make it a great choice for families. The car has six airbags, as well as electronic stability control. It also comes with various driver assistance features, such as a blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert. What's more, the Passat has earned top marks in crash tests, making it one of the safest cars on the road. If you're looking for a sedan that's safe, stylish, and packed with features, the 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A is an excellent choice. The low-tire pressure warning system helps keep you safe on the road, and the rear child safety locks help protect your little ones. The 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A is a great choice when it comes to safety.

What to Expect from 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A Ride

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A is a great car to drive. It has a sleek and stylish design, and the cabin is spacious and comfortable. The car is packed with features, and it comes with a variety of safety features. If you're looking for a sedan that's safe, stylish, and fun to drive, the 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A is an excellent choice. What's more, the Passat comes with a six-year/72,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, as well as a six-year/72,000-mile powertrain warranty. You can't go wrong with the 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A.

Where to Buy 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A

If you're looking for a great deal on a 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A, Hartland Automotive Sales is the place to go. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Hartland Automotive Sales specializes in pre-owned cars. The sales staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they're always happy to help you find the perfect car for your needs. What's more, Hartland Automotive Sales offers a variety of financing options, so you can get the car you want at a price you can afford. If you're looking for a quality used car at a great price, Hartland Automotive Sales is the place to go. Check them out today.

The 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A is a great car to drive. It has a sleek and stylish design, and the cabin is spacious and comfortable. The car is packed with features, and it comes with a variety of safety features. If you're looking for a sedan that's safe, stylish, and fun to drive, the 2015 Volkswagen Passat S 6A is an excellent choice. You can get it from Hartland Automotive Sales.

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Jim Stansbury - 2008 Toyota Tundra Base


A lot of people nowadays prefer to buy old automobiles rather than new ones, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. This is since used automobiles for sale are readily available, inexpensive, and valued. Even so, it's possible to get a good used automobile if you buy it from a reputable dealership. And Hartland Automotive Sales has simplified the process for anyone considering purchasing a used automobile; we only offer the highest-quality vehicles that are well-worth the money you spend. Late model, low mileage used vehicles are available from Hartland Automotive Sales. All varieties of credit are welcome to apply for financing at our company. Salespeople at Hartland Automotive are aware that not everyone has the money to buy the car of their dreams right away. As a result, we provide a variety of payment alternatives to suit your specific requirements. You don't need a set amount of money to buy a car from us, either. Paying with cash is your sole choice when buying directly from a private seller.

2008 Toyota Tundra Base 5.7L 2WD

Since being completely rebuilt in 2008, the Toyota Tundra has seen a few small tweaks, including a "Tundra Grade" option for all body types and a few new standard features for the SR5 and Limited trim levels. It is a two-wheel drive pickup truck, the Toyota Tundra 2wd-crewmax 5.7 L Limited of 2008. Passengers can fit up to five in this vehicle. Automatic transmission and manual mode are both available, and the vehicle has four doors and a 5.7L V8 DOHC 32-valve engine good for 381 horsepower at 5600 rpm. Toyota's 2008 Tundra 2wd-crewmax 5.7 L Limited tows a whopping 2485 kilograms and has a load capacity of liters. The anti-lock brake system, stability control, and traction control are all standard features on the 2008 Toyota Tundra 2wd-crewmax 5.7 L Limited (ABS). An optional engine is also available for the vehicle. A rearview camera and a parking distance sensor are included.

Performance & MPG of Toyota Tundra

This year's Toyota Tundra is equipped with three engines. The 4.0-liter V6 engine, rated at 236 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque, comes standard on the Tundra Regular Cab and standard-bed Double Cab. The 4.7-liter V8 with 271 horsepower and 313 lb-ft of torque is standard on all other Tundra's but is available as an option on these versions. All Tundra's come standard with a 5.7-liter V8 that produces 381 horsepower and 401 lb-ft of torque. The base V6 and 4.7-liter V8 have a five-speed automatic transmission, while the 5.7 V8 has a six-speed automatic. In our testing, a Double Cab Limited 4WD Tundra with the powerful 5.7-liter V8 engine reached speeds of 60 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds. There are two- and four-wheel drive options for the Tundra, as well as a limited-slip rear differential in all models. A 4x2 Tundra Regular Cab can tow up to 10,800 pounds when properly equipped.

Safety Of Toyota Tundra

There are antilock disc brakes, traction control, stability control, front-seat side airbags, and full-length side curtain airbags that are standard. For frontal impact tests, the Tundra received four out of five possible stars in federal crash testing. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Tundra its best possible rating in frontal offset collision testing: "Good."

Toyota Tundra Driving

The 2008 Toyota Tundra's 5.7-liter V8 is tremendously strong, and the engine's delivery is smooth and effortless. Six-speed automatic transmission shifts quickly, but the console shifter's precise action lets drivers employ the manual mode even when facing steep freeway hills or harsh off-road conditions.

However, the Tundra's smooth and silent interstate ride isn't quite as enjoyable for those who like a more rugged driving experience on rain-grooved expressways. Light, precise steering makes parking spaces easier to navigate but may be too light for certain drivers on interstates. Even though the Tundra has a little advantage over the competition when it comes to cornering predictability and low body roll. In terms of braking, the Tundra is a solid performer thanks to its progressive pedal feel and decent stopping distances.

Interior Of Toyota Tundra

Inside the Tundra, it's clear that the creators prioritized usability and sturdiness over aesthetics. In addition to the spacious front seats, extensive storage places, and cup holders, this vehicle's build quality is top-notch. There is a great amount of harsh plastic trim because soft-touch surfaces are scarce. Because of the unique binnacle design, the appealing gauges are difficult to read. A long reach is required to operate the massive and well-organized center stack controls while driving a Tundra, even with a navigation system.

The Regular Cab's spacious interior and comfortable seats make it an excellent choice for families and small businesses alike. Adults have plenty of room in the backseat of a Double Cab, while the CrewMax has the most room in the back of any pickup truck. Legroom in the back is limo-like, with 44.5 inches of space to cross one's legs.

Due to their size, large trucks have traditionally had an aura of safety, but crash tests have not always validated that perception. Thanks to excellent crash-test ratings and an amazing set of safety features, the 2008 Toyota Tundra is the safest car in its class. The 2008 Toyota Tundra has received excellent ratings from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). It received four out of five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in front-impact safety testing for both the driver and the passenger. When equipped with four-wheel drive, the Toyota Tundra received four out of five ratings for rollover protection, whereas the two-wheel-drive models received just three out of five stars. For both frontal offset and side impact incidents, the 2008 Tundra receives the highest possible rating from the IIHS, "good." The 2008 Toyota Tundra was named a Top Safety Pick by the IIHS because of its excellent safety features.

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Is the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC worth it, and where is the best place to buy this car for those who live in Elkhart, Indiana? The 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC is a fantastic car for people looking for a family car. If you are a large family, you will need a vehicle with large passenger seats for comfort. How do you carry your cargo when traveling or going out as a family? Well, for such reasons, you need to get this 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC. Unlike other models of the same year, this car has large passenger seats to accommodate more people, and the cargo storage space is ample. Honestly, this car may not be the best in our car yard, but we always advise our customers to consider it as it has value.

The features

Interior settings

The seating capacity

Our 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC has seats made of upholstery leather materials that are easy to maintain. If you have small kids, it can get messy when eating in the car. But, with the leather seat wrapping, cleaning off food residuals and spillage is easy by just wiping it. This car is quite spacious as it can sit five people, three at the back and two in front( including the driver). The car's front seats are spacious, and the seats are adjustable, whereby you can either decline or recline it depending on your height. The rear seats are also super big since they can fit three adults of standard body size or four kids. Do you have kids who need a car seat, perhaps? Well, the rear seat is made with two latches, one on each end, such that you can fit two baby seats there.

Sound system

Those who love listening to their favorite music may not be left behind when going for long trips. This car is equipped with a Bluetooth system to connect your devices to stream music. There are also four speaker systems systematically installed in this car to ensure the people in the car get a good sound system when listening to music.

A screen

There is a 7-inch touch screen system on this car that displays your connections such as GPS, car parking guide, and so on.

USB port

Just like other vehicles, this 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC allows you to charge other devices like a phone while on the move when the battery dies.

Push-button starter design

Unlike the classic cars that could only use a key to start-up, this 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC has been advanced tech, whereby it has a push-button for starting the car. This is easy and classy too.

Automatic climate control

If you do not want to manually control the AC of your car, leave it to this 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC to balance the climate inside the vehicle. The automatic climate control mechanisms ensure you have the correct temperatures when driving in different seasons.

The gas usage

One of the critical questions that our customers ask when checking a car to buy is if it has a high consuming mode. Still, we can say this 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC has a fair consumption rate considering it does not have a large engine. The consumption rate varies in the EPA of 25 mpg when driving in the city and 32 mpg on the highway.

The engine

This car uses two engine cylinders which are strategically stationed in different places. The first 148-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder is in the base trim, while the other 2.4-liter four-cylinder is located at the top-level GT trim.

The cost

This car costs between $11,000 and $18,000, depending on its condition, location, the dealer, etc.

Our overview

Although this car is not the best in the market, it is a good car for a large family setting and people who need a used car on a reasonable budget. The interiors are well designed and have multiple features a regular car should have. Also, this car is advanced as it starts with the button key. It is also a good choice if you are looking for a family car on a budget. Well, did we mention the car has ample cargo storage space? The ratings may be low, but this is a good option too.

Where to buy the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC

For people who live in Elkhart, Indiana, we believe Hartland Automotive Sales is the best car sales company to buy a used car. Not only do we have a variety of vehicles to choose from, but we are always there to offer a guide to our customers. Most people who come to buy from us do not have much knowledge about cars and probably what to look for when buying a family, business, or personal vehicle. So, we always take the initiative to ensure our customers only get the best for their budget and needs. We have a good team of car salespersons set ready to take you through our car yard while giving a review of the cars you like.

As much as we sell used cars, we always put quality at the forefront. So, our cars are still in excellent condition and can perform well.

Quality is our priority.

Before we put a car in our yard for sale, we take time to assess and evaluate its value and how it will serve our customers. All vehicles that you find in our yards are in excellent functioning condition and have been evaluated to make sure all parts are functional.


2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES AWC is an excellent second-hand car for family or individual driving. This car is found at Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana. The car has great features, and the interior is well designed. The seats are spacious and easy to maintain too. So, to learn more about this car, visit Hartland Automotive Sales and get a good, detailed overview from the salespeople.

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