How much will it cost to open used car dealership

Generally, the cost of opening a successful car dealership depends on few factors. First, your consultation and appropriate planning will a specialist will matter a lot to avoid last minutes surprises and unnecessary difficulties. Overall, opening an effective car dealership will range between 100,000 and 200,000 dollars. Below are essential costs you need to cover to open a car dealership:

(a) Business location

Essentially, you will need to buy or rent your dealership location. Generally, buying the best and beneficial location will depend on the specific state you are targeting, targeted property, and location. Therefore, the monthly price for the lease might vary between 8,000 to 20,000 dollars.
Besides, looking for the perfect location and also negotiating for the good leas right on commercial property can sometimes be challenging, especially if it's your first time. So, the helpful thing you can do is getting in touch with an expert who can aid you in this process for excellent results. Besides, you can even decide to build the property which suits you if your budget allows you.

(b) Auto dealer bond

Besides, almost every state needs an auto dealer in the part of licensing process. However, the entire surety bond cost will depend on the bond amount, applicant's credit score together with personal assets, financial statements, and other related financial indicators.

 In essence, the bond amount is the sum of compensation, and it’s mostly determined by every state individually, which might also range between 5,000 and 100,000 dollars. Besides, getting a bond still with bad credit is possible, but their bit a high.

So, your credit score with time you can receive better rates right on subsequent bonds. Remember, the higher the applicant's score means the lower bond or rate cost. For example, many applicants with high credit scores are mostly given rates ranging from one and three percent of the sum bond amount. For about 25,000 dollars, surety bond applicants with perfect credit scores such as Texas can eventually pay between 250 and 750 dollars.

(c) Business registration

Business registration tends to vary from state and the type of business. In this case, someone can choose between Limited Liability Company, limited partnership, sole proprietorship, or corporation. When registering for your car dealerships, remember some states also require yearly maintenance fees and filing fees.
 And this takes into account when selecting the proper structure of your car dealership. For example, when you decide to register your car dealership with a limited partnership in Colorado, California, you will likely pay between 50 and 70 dollars.

(d) Accountant fees

This is optional. You might prefer hiring a professional to aid you with predicting and managing the expenses. And with countless professional accountants who specialize in dealing with auto motors, first, consult fees they will charge you.

Typically, they charge between 200 and 600 dollars for the first-time consultation.

(e) Insurance

Car dealership insurance requirement tends to vary with the state you live. And both will depend on the type of insurance and coverage amounts. In some cases, you can come across many options out there. For example, you can get insurance with three policies that will cover death per person/bodily injury, property damage, and accidents. However, with the surety bonds, the premiums on insurances depend, so you should consult the insurance provider to get excellent insurance coverage of your dealership.

(f) Business license

You should own a relevant business license before you open it. And this license will come with some fee which differs from state to state. Besides, this fee includes a permit or licensing fee, application fee, and dealer plate fee.

(g) Inventory

Inventory cost will depend on the type of cars you want to start selling, model and amount. But starting our gradually and small is more manageable and affordable. Remember, inventory is single, yet the most considerable cost someone will have when they want to open a used car dealership.

(f) Payroll

The payroll expenses are another essential item you should consider to open a successful car dealership. Besides, good data right on average payroll tends to cost per state. The monthly expenses can vary on the initial amount of employees and different salaries for different positions.

Other costs

Generally, there another related cost which we cannot account for right now, but you will need them later. And they include advertising, consultations, furniture, buying shop equipment and the launching the website cost. You can tell that the entire cost of opening a car dealership varies depending on the specific location and category of business someone intends to start.

3. Do dealerships negotiate on the used cars?

The short answer is yes. Here in Hartland Automotive sales, we give our clients room to negotiate their car prices. Of course, when you are buying a used car, your expectation is moving in and negotiate, drive the specific price down, and finally walk away with your dream car and an anticipated deal.

However, be aware that many dealerships post the lowest amount they target to take from those vehicles, so don't expect you seller to go much down on price when it comes to used car for sale. Below are negotiation tips car dealers should know:

(a) Consider main factors

Many things determine the selling price of a specific car, including the wear and tear, color, if the vehicle was smoked in, extended warranties, total previous owners, interior, aftermarket features, and other related. So use these features to negotiate with your clients because customers will feel good to own a car with all quality features.

Top 3 places to get your car washed in Elkhart, IN

Best Car Wash In Elkhart, IN

Opening a carwash can be somehow tricky when you have never operated one before. When opening one, you are required to know that where you locate it will determine whether you make profits or not. Therefore, before you are ready, you should put your competition into consideration and decide what to do to beat them, that is, bring some uniqueness in the business to stand out.

When one is selecting where to have their cars washed in, they are always eager to know the quality of the delivered services. Therefore, to operate a carwash, you should try and fit in a client's shoes since this will help you know what to do. Other considerations you should make are operational decisions, the planning and approval process, financing, and having a business plan.

Some car cleaning service providers in Elkhart, IN, have managed to top the list of the best service providers in an industry crowded with many. In Elkhart, IN, among the top places you should take your car for the cleanliness services include:

1. Caribbean Auto Spa:

In Caribbean Auto Spa, you are going to have fantastic touchless automatic car wash services. Caribbean Auto Spa works with the latest car cleaning machines regularly maintained to improve the cleaning services. Also, the staff is professional and friendly, which is a win for anyone planning to have their cars cleaned. In addition, the car cleaning company has an online website where clients can request quotes from the business.

The charges for having your car cleaned are decent, whereas the services are of high quality. Also, cleaning a vehicle takes minimal time; hence you won't spend a lot of time waiting.
Caribbean Auto Spa's other services include tire cleaning, underbody wash, wheel cleaning, touchless car wash, window cleaning, and coating.

2. Rocket Automatic Car Wash:

Rocket Automatic Car Wash is located at 515 E Lexington Avenue. The car wash accepts payments not only in cash but also using credit cards. Here the car is vacuumed, which makes it as clean as new. Comparable to their competition, Rocket Automatic Car wash charges decently and has several cleaning options. During the week, they are open starting from 10 am.
Their services are great compared to other car washes near them. Some of the neighboring amenities include restaurants, nightlife, and shopping, allowing you to do some activities while your car is being washed.

3. Drive and Shine:

Drive and Shine are located at 2714 Cassopolis St. They are open from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday and 8:30 to 6:00 pm on Sundays. Payments using credit cards are acceptable. Apart from cleaning, they also offer oil change services. The working staff is professional and will go out of their way to provide additional benefits when need be. Their services are provided at affordable rates.

Final Verdict

When you plan to have your car cleaned, selecting any of the above car washes is a sure way to have the best services. Though you may decide to clean your car by yourself, it might not thoroughly be clean as the car washes could have done it.

Winter Tires vs All Season Tires

The secret to an excellent thrilling drive is always in your tires. However, there is always a challenge when one decides to change their tires. You do not know the perfect tire for the season for that thrilling experience on the wheel. Most people ask themselves if they need winter tires when they have an all-season tire. The correct answer is maybe. one needs to understand the specification of the different tires.

A driver’s needs are always different depending on the conditions the roads are in and the weather. All-season tires are tailored to handle all weather conditions. In most cases, all-season tires are the standard tires that a car leaves with from the manufactures. The all-season are tailored in a unique technology trend design that allows them to endure drives in different environments.

All-season tires are build up with rubber compounds that can tackle drives in light snow, long highway drives, and anything in between the seasons. Every tire component contributes to the balanced performance for any weather conditions. All-season tires have unique long, narrow tread patterns intentionally designed to help them adhere to a wet and snowy road. Likewise, they have 3D sipes that enhance drives on a dry highway during warm weather.

However, it is essential to note that an all-season tire will not provide a firm grip and sharp handling of a dry or a snowy road like the specific tires for the seasons would. All-season tires would be recommended for drives in areas with moderate climate and rarely experience the extreme conditions of cold, snow, and ice. For safety drives in winter seasons, one requires to have the right winter tires.

Roads covered with heavy snowfalls and black ice are considered safe to drive unless one has tires that go through the streets without skidding. The winter tires are designed with unique tread rubber, tread deep patterns, and well-biting edges to help them have a firm grip on the wet, snowy roads. Winter tires have many biting edges and a high sipe density to help them tract on the ice. The deep tread and pattern help reduce snow from building up and slush the snow to expel water. Tread rubber is uniquely designed to remain flexible, allowing the tire to have a firm grip on the road.

To help decide the type of tire to choose, one should consider first the weather conditions of the places they live in or the place they are driving to. For example, if the area receives fewer snowfalls or no snowfalls at all, then all-season tires will be the best fit. It is important to remember that when one decides to change into winter tires, they should change all the sets and not just the front set of tires.

After the winter season is over, one should remember to change the tires to summer tires. Winter tires are tailored to give support in extreme cold conditions and cannot survive in warm conditions as they will wear down.

Top 5 Myths About Buying a New Car

If you are in the market for purchasing your first car, you may have come across loads of tips guiding you to make the best purchase. Most of the information shared to first-time vehicle buyers is trustworthy and helpful, however not all is true. Some myths about when and how to buy a car continue spreading regardless of them being false to reality. Here are five of the most common myths about buying a new car that you should know.

Myths About Buying a New Car

  • The Best Deals are Only Found on the Internet
The internet is indeed a one-stop location for some of the best deals in multiple industries, including cars. However, it is false to claim that you cannot find worthy and attractive deals off the internet since not all sellers have an active internet profile. The internet only helps car dealers share the preset values of the vehicles to be sold, and other vital functions involved in the process require direct interaction.

  • You Must Have Complete Financing
Another misconception spread when buying a new car is that you need to have complete financing before approaching the seller. Most car dealerships offer discounts and friendly interest rates to their customers, meaning that you can still get a new car without complete financing. If you bring your funding to the agreement, the seller will be more lenient to expound your knowledge on the available discounts, meaning you will not get the best deal on your purchase.

  • Tricking the Dealership is the Only Approach for a Good Deal
A more significant percentage of car buyers are unaware that car dealerships care more about their customers than cars. They are fully motivated to selling automobiles that they enter into transactions not to exploit customers but to offer the best deal possible. Also, these dealerships handle hundreds of car sales every year, meaning that the chances of success for your trickery plans are low. Try and focus on getting the ideal vehicle that fits perfectly within your budget.

  • End Month is the Best Time to Make a Purchase
This myth is not entirely false, as some dealerships offer the best deals during the end month as they try to meet their quota. If a dealership has already met its quarter, the advice becomes false, and prices will remain the same. There is no definitive approach to knowing if the costs will be low or up, making the tip unreliable.

  • Cash is King
Buying a new car with cash is an advantage as some dealerships offer cash-only incentives. However, for firms offering incentives on financing and cash, the former delivers a greater benefit than the latter. It will help if you select a car that fits into your financing budget instead of getting one with the best sticker price to better value money.

Hartland Automotive Sales

Hartland automotive sales are the leading vehicle dealership in Elkhart, Indiana. It guarantees you some of the best deals for a wide range of automobile models, with a ready team for consultation and guidance in getting a deal you cannot refuse. Contact us for more tips and information on buying a new car.

Buying a car is one of the most significant purchases in our lives that we have to get right. It’s like purchasing a property. To get the best car, a lot of research and preparation is vital. Honing your negotiating skills is also essential to ensure you get the best price.

The decision to save a bit of some needed cash and buy an old gem or choose the intoxicating smell of a new automotive is not easy. However, although the initial costs of buying a new car may be higher, it is cost-effective in the long run.

In this post, we will look at five common myths associated with buying a new vehicle.

New Vehicles Depreciate Quickly

It is partially true that a new vehicle depreciates the moment you drive it home. However, it is essential to note that the depreciation should not be a matter of concern if you plan on owning the vehicle for a long time. For instance, depreciation should not affect your costs if you plan to buy a car that you will drive for the next eight years. Depreciation only matters when you intend to sell the vehicle immediately.

Buying a Car Online Gives You the Best Deal.

Since the onset of the pandemic, online car sales have increased significantly. Thanks to an increase in e-commerce car buying sites, buying a car online has never been easier. However, does that translate to a better deal? While many online car buying sites offer some of the lowest prices, they do not include interest rates, warranty and trade-in values. This could translate to higher costs than those negotiated at a dealership.

Cash is King

Most people believe that having cash at hand gives you the best deal when buying a car through a dealer. Although some dealerships offer discounts for cash payments, not all of them do. Ensure you enquire about all the cash discounts and financing options available at the time. When cash discounts are available, you can benefit from an all-cash purchase.

The Best Time to Buy Is at the End of the Month.

Car dealerships operate differently and may offer special incentives depending on specific quotas such as sales. Although some dealerships offer end of the month discounts, it is not common. Therefore, the price at the beginning of the month will remain the same at the end of the month.

Buy Now, or the Deal Will Disappear.

Another common myth is that you can never get a good deal once a special offer elapses. The truth is that there is never a lost opportunity when it comes to buying a new vehicle. You should never put yourself under pressure to meet the criteria for a specific deal. In most cases, once one deal elapses, another one arrives in a few weeks. So if you don’t find an exceptional deal today, walk away and give it a few weeks, where you may find a special offer for the car you want.

Ready to Get a New Car?

We at Hartland Automotive Sales would like to partner with you in your quest to purchase a new car. Our main goal is to ensure that you get a complete automotive experience at the best price. Please contact us to test drive your next dream car.

What is an admin fee and what does it cover

When you buy a car you may face admin fees. It can be confusing as to why the sticker price is not the final price of the vehicle. I will break down the types of fees you will face when buying the car of your dreams.

Admin fees are fees set up by us at Hartland and the manufacturers we work with. You need to pay these fees to take your car home legally. These fees are completely legitimate. It covers the documentation and processing fees placed upon the vehicle that you choose to purchase.

These fees pay us back for our time and energy in selling a car to you. It helps us pay for employee training in dealing with your paperwork legally. We are in a hurry to close your paperwork so you can take your vehicle home quickly and without this training it would take longer to close the deal for you. It pays us back for time dealing with paperwork and making sure your vehicle is legally compliant with State and Federal laws.

There are many laws we must check for while selling you a vehicle. Some of these include vehicle history checks, notifications on recalls, getting up to date vehicle information, and consumer certifications. Getting all of this information could take hours or days even under ideal situations. We aim to make this as quick as possible for you because we know that you want to get your new vehicle on the road.

We do all of this to protect your consumer rights and make sure your vehicle is actually reliable. Some of the things we watch for include:
          - protection against liens on the vehicle
         - double checking emissions are correct.
         - looking for rebates and discounts to help you save money
         - keeping our records up to date on all of our vehicles.
        - submitting paperwork to the manufacturer

 These fees are normally included on the paperwork under admin fees so you know what you will have to pay before you pay it. If you choose to pay for your car all at once you will be able to pay these fees instantly right along with the vehicle. If financing you will have to pay for at least the tax, title and licensing fees right away. Everything else may be debatable and worked into the financing.

If you are questioning if certain fees are really for your car you can simply check by matching up the vehicles vin number to the vin number on your paperwork. If they match up then those are the fees you be required to pay when purchasing your vehicle. If there is an error let us know and we will fix this discrepancy right away. At Hartland we put our customers first.

We hope you now know what these fees are all about and how to check them. Come and check our lot if you are looking to upgrade your current vehicle or maybe just to get a second car for your family. We can't wait to help you find a vehicle that suits your needs at Hartland.

Should I buy a new car or a used car

When you are in the market for a vehicle, you may have a debate on whether you should purchase a used car or a new car to take home. Many have their own preferences, but knowing the benefits of each one can make the decision that much easier. If you need help finding the right car for you, whether it is a new or used car, make sure to visit us at Hartland Automotive Sales to make the process easier.

Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car

Some people decide to only purchase a used car when they come to our dealership. This is a great idea because it can save money and when a used car is well taken care of, it will last a long time. There are many benefits to choosing to purchase a used car rather than a new car including:

  • They cost less: Used cars are often a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a new car, saving you a lot of money.
  • You do not need to take out a loan. Most car owners do not have the cash upfront in order to purchase that vehicle. This means they need to have a loan to handle it. That adds more fees and interest to the overall price of the car loan.
  • Many great options: As long as you shop around, there are often many great used cars that you can purchase, some almost as good as new, for a less expensive price.
Benefits of Purchasing a New Car

For some car owners, purchasing a new vehicle makes the most sense for them. There are a number of benefits to having a brand new car rather than saving money on an older vehicle that may wear out or break down on them quickly. Some of the benefits of purchasing a new car include:

  • Comes with the latest safety technology to keep you and your family safe. this can include things like blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, cruise control, and more.
  • Better fuel efficiency. The newer cars can go longer on less gas, making them a better choice as well because they can save you money.
  • Will last longer: Since the vehicle is newer, you may get more out of it. You will not need to replace it in a few years, which may make it a better buy in the long run.
  • Will not break down as much: You can make an older car last a long time, but you will need to do quite a bit of work on it. While newer vehicles can have trouble, this happens less in the first few years, making it more affordable.

Whether you are looking for a new or used car, come visit us at Hartland Automotive Sales. We have many great cars for all your needs. We can work with you to find a vehicle that fits in your budget and have you drive off our lot with the car of your dreams. Contact us today to get started.

What kind of down payment do I need to finance a c

At Hartland Automotive Sales, we are happy to help you find the new car of your dreams, no matter what kind it may be. We understand that everyone is looking for a different type of vehicle and we want to be there to provide you with the very best each time! When you need a vehicle, come and visit us to see what we can offer for you.

Do I need a down payment?

This will depend on the loan that you get. Many loans with the best terms do require the borrower to have some kind of down payment in order to get them. The amount will depend on the loan provider and the cost of the car. A good rule of thumb is, the more you can put down for the down payment, the better your terms and rates will be on the loan. If you can, it is best to put down at least 20% of the total price of the vehicle.

Can I Get a Car without a down payment?

There are some loan providers that will work with those who need a car loan with no down payment. This is usually something reserved for those with lower incomes and for used cars though. You will need to talk with the specific loan provider to see what their rules are. Since this presents more risk to them, they may ask you to pay more fees or other things within the loan, costing you more money overall.

Putting in some kind of down payment will help you pay less over the life of the loan and can make the loan get paid off faster. When you have less to pay, the interest adds up slower and you can get the vehicle for less than before.

What If I Have Bad Credit?

There are some lenders that will provide you with a loan even if you have bad credit. However, these are usually the ones where you will need to put down some sort of down payment on the vehicle. Those with bad credit struggle to pay their bills so the lender wants to make sure they can get their money back after working with you.

If you want to have a car loan without a down payment, it is much easier to do this when you have good credit. If you have the time, make sure to work on your credit ahead of time. Even a few points is enough to help get you noticed and can lower the amount you will need to pay to the lender to get the new car.

Buying a new vehicle can be tough. There are a lot of hoops to jump through and you may need to search around to find the right one for your needs before you make a purchase. At Hartland Automotive Sales, we can provide you with some of the best vehicles around, no matter what you are looking for. 

Contact us today to find the car of your dreams.  

Do I need to take my car to the dealership I purch

When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it is important to get the work taken care of right away. Some people go to their trusted mechanic, while others like to wait to visit the dealership to get the issue taken care of. At Hartland Automotive Sales in Elkhart, Indiana, we are happy to help you with all of your car needs. Visit us today to get your vehicle looked over or to purchase your next car!

Do I need to use a dealership?

Many car owners believe that they have to work with a dealership any time they have a problem with the car or they need it serviced. There are some benefits to working with the exact dealership that you purchased the vehicle. Sometimes they do have better service. And if you have some kind of warranty on the car at all, then you may need to visit the dealership in order to get the work done rather than using a mechanic.

However, working with a dealership is not always the best option. Without a warranty on the vehicle, which can often cost a lot more money when you purchase the car, you may end up with spending a lot more money if you try to take the car to a dealership. There is nothing wrong with using a dealership if you want, but you do need to remember that it is fine to take your vehicle to another mechanic if they cost less and are closer to your home location.

Will other mechanics be able to take care of my vehicle?

In most situations, you can use any mechanic you would like to help service and take care of your vehicle. Unless you have a very specialty vehicle, such as a Tesla electric car, you can take your vehicle in anywhere that you would like without a problem. This gives you a lot more options.

Many people are willing to travel a little bit in order to find the right vehicle for them. This gives them more options. However, it may result in the dealership being too far away for regular maintenance of the vehicle. Or, the car owner may have their own mechanic they already trust to take care of all their car problems.

If this sounds like you, it is perfectly fine to work with another mechanic in order to take care of the vehicle. Dealers may provide a little extra care and attention, but they also are far away, picky about what they will fix, and can cost more than anyone else. To save a lot of time and money, a local mechanic may be the best option.

At Hartland Automotive Sales, we are happy to take care of all your vehicle needs. We understand how valuable your vehicle is to you and how much you need it to get to work, school, and to run errands. No matter where you purchased your vehicle, we are here to help. 

Contact us today to get your vehicle serviced!

Here are some new ways to – Wax Your Own Car

Keeping your car nice and clean is one of the best ways to help it last longer and make it look as nice as possible. While many car owners will take the time to clean the car, you should also worry about waxing the car to make it look nice. If you are interested in getting the car waxed, then follow some of the methods below:

There are a few different ways that you can easily wax the car. Just keep in mind that all of them require you to do a good cleaning of the vehicle ahead of time to remove any dirt or dust that is there. You should not do this with any household cleaners including glass cleaner, detergent, hand soap, or anything like that. These can all cause some damage to the finish of the car.

Instead of using some of those bad chemicals that will hurt the car, you should go with a product that is meant to wash a car. These are often milder, and will not cause any issues to the paint of your vehicle because they are designed to work on them. You should also check the owner’s manual that comes with your car to see if there are some special instructions before you start.

There are three main methods that you can use to help you get your car waxed and ready to go. These include hard, soft, and liquid wax:

  • Liquid wax: This is a simple one to apply to your car and you can use it as often as you wash the vehicle. You can consider a clean cloth or a wax applicator to get the job done.
  • Soft wax: This is more of a solid compared to the liquid option, but not nearly as hard as the other option. It is easy to apply. As it starts to dry, you will notice a haze. Just wipe it all off once it is dry.
  • Hard wax: You should never use this one more than a few times in a year. It will last a lot longer compared to some of the other options so only have it in small areas.
Using a clean buffer pad or a soft cloth is one of the best ways to prepare with this one. It will make life a little bit easier and not risk scratching up the paint job on your vehicle. You can choose how often you need to get the wax done on your vehicle to get it to look nice. It does not need to be done each time you clean the car, but it is safe to do it if you want.

At Hartland Automotive Sales, we understand how important it is to take care of your car. With a good wax and cleaning your car well, you can keep it looking as good as new. When you are ready to look for a new car, or would like to get your car cleaned or checked out, make sure to contact us today to get started!

Top 5 questions to ask yourself before you buy a n

Buying a new vehicle is a big decision and it is important to be prepared. There are a ton of options out there and sometimes it can seem confusing to those who are not used to it. Knowing the answers to some important questions, like those below, can make purchasing a vehicle so much easier.

Should I Buy New or Used car or truck?

The answer to this will depend on each individual buyer. Some people like the stability of having a new vehicle that will last them for a long time without a ton of repairs. Others like the idea of having a vehicle that is more affordable and does not have a payment. The choice is yours but consider it ahead of time.

Is right now the best time to buy a used car?

This is not about picking the time based on when all the best deals are, though that can save you a lot of money along the way. But consider whether right now is the best time for you personally, and for your finances, to go and make such a big purchase. If you need to pay down some other debts or your budget just can’t handle some more debt, then it may be better to wait on purchasing the vehicle. Do not overstretch your budget when fixing up the older car may be a better option.

How much do I want to spend on a car?

Consider the number that you want to spend and then stick with it. It is easy to get caught up in making the budget a little higher and then a little higher again. And before you know it, you have a vehicle you have to finance that is three times higher than you wanted to pay. Consider the price you are willing to spend and then stick with that when you go in to talk with the dealer.

How can I get the best deal on a used car?

Whether you need to get financing or not, it is important to make sure you get the best deal. Compare prices and interest rates so you pay as little as possible the whole time. If you have some time before purchasing a new vehicle, consider working on your credit score to lower the interest rate.

Do I really know about the vehicle I am buying?

Before you go and purchase any kind of vehicle, you need to have a good idea about it. Know the features and what comes standard. And at least know what a good price is for each model, type, and year of the vehicle so you can really find the right one for you and not get taken advantage of.

It is important to have the right team on your side when you pick out a new vehicle. At Hartland Automotive Sales, we are here to help you with this. We have many great vehicles and will not pressure you to make a decision that you are not comfortable with. When you are ready to pick out a new vehicle for your needs, contact us today!
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